Can I Get Pregnant After a Miscarriage and D&C?

Last Editorial Review: 1/11/2018

Doctor's response

I had a D&C 10 weeks for a non-viable pregnancy. The ultrasound showed that the pregnancy had stopped progressing at approximately 6 weeks. I am now getting conflicting information about conceiving again. What happens if I conceive within a month or two of the D&C. I hear many woman do not even wait to have a period after the D&C. I would like to try to conceive as soon as possible but I would also like to know that this is a safe option. I also seem to get conflicting information regarding starting sexual relations again. Can you offer any information in regards to this?

Doctor's response

There does appear to be a slightly higher risk of miscarriage if a pregnancy occurs before the first normal menstrual cycle after a miscarriage. It would be prudent to wait until you have one normal menstrual period and then you can begin trying on that cycle.


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