Medical Definition of CLOVES syndrome

Reviewed on 8/9/2022

CLOVES syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by defects in the vascular (blood vessels) system and overgrowth of certain body tissues. CLOVES stands for congenital lipomatous (fatty) overgrowth, vascular malformations, epidermal nevi, and scoliosis/skeletal/spinal anomalies. Symptoms and signs include fatty masses of tissue that are often covered with a pink birthmark. These masses are found in the back, flanks, axilla, abdomen, and buttocks. Dilated blood vessels and other changes in the blood and lymphatic channels are present along with defects in the arms and legs, kidneys, and skin birthmarks. CLOVES is a non-hereditary (not inherited) disorder that is caused by an acquired defect in a gene known as PIK3CA. Symptoms and signs are typically observed at birth. Both males and females are equally affected.


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