The Truth About Cholesterol

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Medical Author: Dennis Lee, M.D.

Did you know...that your body actually needs cholesterol and that some forms are beneficial?  It's true -- a healthy body needs cholesterol to produce hormones and maintain cell membranes. HDL cholesterol actually protects you from heart attacks. However, as we all know, too much cholesterol can cause hardening of the arteries, resulting in heart attacks and strokesLDL cholesterol is harmful to arteries. In fact, the size of LDL cholesterol particles also matters; the smaller ones are more dangerous to the arteries than larger ones.

Did you know....that folic acid and other B vitamins might help some people prevent heart attacks?  Recently, some scientists even suspect bacteria or virus infections trigger heart attacks, and that good dental hygiene (prevention of gum infection) may actually prevent heart attacks?

For more information regarding cholesterol, heart attack and stroke prevention, please read all the articles -- it may save your life!

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