Cholesterol Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Cholesterol Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Note: We recommend you use this page as a reference for your consultation with your doctor. 

--- The MedicineNet Medical Editors

1. What is my cholesterol profile (LDL, HDL levels and their ratios)? 

2. How can I improve my cholesterol profile? 

3. What regular exercises are suitable for me? 

4. Am I a candidate for cholesterol medications? 

5. Will this cholesterol medication interact with my other medications? 

6. How frequently should I have my cholesterol levels checked? 

7. How do we monitor side effects of cholesterol medications? 

8. What are the target levels of LDL, HDL, and cholesterol ratio? 

9. Am I a candidate for more specialized tests such as LDL cholesterol size, homocystein levels, and Lp(a) cholesterol levels? 

10. Besides cholesterol, are there other measures I can take to prevent stroke and heart attack

MedicineNet Reminder: Establishing an accurate diagnosis is key to proper treatments. You are the most important person in this process by accurately describing to your doctor the character, location, duration, and time of onset of your symptoms. You should also inform your doctor about vitamins, herbs, and medications you are taking. For example, long-term use of certain vitamins and non-prescription medications may be the cause of your abnormal liver tests; magnesium-containing antacids and supplements may be causing your diarrhea; certain blood pressure pills can be the reason for your constipation.

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