What Could Cause Chest Pain in Children?

Last Editorial Review: 1/11/2018

Ask the experts

My daughter is 11 years old and lately she has been complaining of chest pain. We took her to the doctors and had an EKG performed but we still have not heard from anyone. They said they were sending it to a cardiologist to read, but we do not know if they did. All of the doctors that have seen her asked her if it happens when she bends over, she says it does, but they wont tell us what that means. Could it be stomach problems or heart problems? There is no history of heart problems in either families. What does heart pain when you bend over mean? Also, she has been having headaches, we do not know if they are connected. She is a very good student and tries very hard in school and pushes herself very hard.

Doctor's response

You are correct that besides heart difficulties, lung and intestinal problems can give you "chest pains". I'm not certain about the nature of the bending over questions and I would suggest to call the office and ask for the results of the EKG and have the doctor explain any other issues you don't understand.

There are a number of studies which address this relatively common problem and the huge majority of patients demonstrate no serious conditions - but rather more of an emotional situation - something which you also address.

I would follow up with her doctor in the next few days for an update.