Patient Comments: Cellulitis - Symptoms


The symptoms of cellulitis can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your initial symptoms? Submit Your Comment

Comment from: G-Ma , 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 02

My cellulitis symptoms started with chills so I covered up with a blanket. The chills quickly got worse and worse, within two hours I went from being at home with chills to shivering chills with a fever of 102 degrees. The front of my left calf went from feeling and looking fine to a bright red 'rash', for lack of a better word, and we were on our way to the emergency room. At the ER they took one look at my leg and the questions started; if I have been out of the country recently, if I could have been bitten by a spider, if I was sure it's only been two hours since this started affecting me! They said it could be flesh eating disease, sepsis or a few other things. None sounded very good to us. Then the infectious disease doctor came in and looked at it and examined the skin on my feet, my heels, in between my toes and my legs and ankles. He was the first one to tell me it was cellulitis.

Comment from: Laila, 7-12 Female (Caregiver) Published: January 17

My leg had a red rash from cellulitis, well, not a rash but it was a line on my leg.

Comment from: Mihoshi05, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 07

Pain started in my leg on a Thursday evening, and by that night the swelling had started in my left lower leg. Friday morning it was red in spots and I had a slight fever. I began to feel nauseous throughout the day, and the pain continued to get worse. About midnight I finally went to the emergency room (ER) and was admitted because I kept spiking a fever and throwing up. I ended up being admitted for almost a week for treatment of cellulitis, and by the time I was discharged blisters had formed all over my lower leg. My foot had swollen by this time as well. When I was discharged I was given Keflex 500 mg to take every 6 hours for fourteen days. That was 3 months ago. I'm still having pain every now and then and swelling.

Comment from: guilla, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: September 13

Pain, redness and swelling below my right knee were my cellulitis symptoms. Also it was hot to touch. I started treatment with cefadroxil 500 mg. Then due to bad weather and lack of doctors I started treatment on my own with amoxcillin 500.

Comment from: bevforgot, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 11

I had port removed, and it got infected with dry blood lump which the surgeon cut out. Next morning I felt drunk, wobbly, vomiting, feverish, red and swollen, and untouchable. I went to the emergency room, got admitted for 4 days, was on myacin, and released with Augmentin. The lump is still infected, and the doctor is cutting it out again on Monday. My white blood cells and platelets are very low due to the cellulitis.

Comment from: Rafael, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 07

My issue is with my arms. There is a large red area measuring up to 14 cm, and it has a red center bump that looks like a bite. It is warm to the touch, not too hard but flexible, and itches very badly. Within the last two month I have had it three different times. Coworker who is a physician said it looked to be cellulitis, but another said a bite, and to use Benadryl. I did that and after a few days it cleared up, and moved to another arm. I then went to primary care physician who said it looked like an insect bite and gave me antibiotics for ten days. The second day after finishing it appeared again on opposite arms. I wonder if this could be some type of bacterial infection or cellulitis.

Comment from: Michelle, 75 or over Female (Caregiver) Published: January 26

My aunt is in a nursing home. She has very thin skin and yes, has skin tears. Her wrist is swollen, warm and is giving her a lot of pain to the extent that she is not using it. An x-ray has been done which apparently showed a cyst under the skin. Her other major symptom is that she has been unable to stand for about five days now. If this is cellulitis I wonder if this infection would or could cause these other symptoms. And yes, I have conveyed my concerns to the staff. Thank you!

Comment from: claire, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 12

New Year's Eve I felt a mild pain in my lower leg, and as the night went on it started to get worse and started to swell. The more I walked the swelling started to spread upwards to the knee, and the pain was unbearable. Parts of my leg started turning yellow and there was a horrible feeling of a tingling pain travelling around my leg. When I go to bed or don't walk around on it the pain eases and the swelling will settle down. I have a small swelling at the bottom of my leg that feels numb, and as soon as I get up and start to walk my leg again starts to swell and I'm in absolute agony to the point I cannot walk on the leg at all. It starts to go yellow again and a tingling feeling is travelling around my leg. I have not yet been to the hospital and worried if it is cellulitis.

Comment from: Scott, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 12

I pulled a muscle in my leg on Sunday. Tuesday morning it started to hurt and bother me. Wednesday night it was hot to the touch, a little swollen, and sore to the touch but still didn't seem a big problem. It seemed to feel better at times and worse at other times. By Saturday morning I had a lot of pain while walking on it. The entire calf was swollen with a big area red and hot to the touch. I went to urgent care, and was sent to the emergency room and then to hospital to treat the cellulitis.

Comment from: kert, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: October 10

My forehead and my right eye were swollen, and both my right and left cheeks were red. I had a fever of 101.8 with the cellulitis. I also have Bell's palsy. I was in the hospital 3 days and my stools were black. I am on clindamycin HCL 150.

Comment from: cabo79, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: September 28

I was playing with a dog, young, got lots of dog slobber on my hands and the skin was broke in a couple of places. On the second night I woke up with my hands itching. By morning it had spread almost to my elbows. My hands had blisters on them, and I thought it was an allergic reaction to new sheets I had on the bed. It got worse through the day even though I was taking Benadryl. I could not find a doctor that day. I had some Augmentin around and as I could not see a doctor until the following Tuesday, I started taking the Augmentin (600 mg every 8 hours). It did the trick. The doctor would not write me a prescription for more Augmentin, he too thought it was an allergic reaction, so I started taking more Benadryl and using a cortisone cream. The infection came back fast and I woke up with bad looking and itchy hands and red and brown spots up my arm, and also splotches on my stomach. I went back on Augmentin, it came back under control. I ran out of Augmentin and started using Levaquin (750 once a day and taking Benadryl also). I will see the doctor again tomorrow. I hope I can get a prescription for Augmentin. The Levaquin does not seem to being as good a job, but is ok. I also got a different type of cellulitis on my left leg starting at the ankle (ant bites got infected I guess), real bad chills and sweats. Someone said I looked like I had ringworm on my leg. I had a friend over who was a doctor, and she told me what it was and I needed to see a doctor. I think this is what he gave me, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole. It took care of it.

Comment from: pbaczuk, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: May 17

With cellulitis I had pain in the foot followed by swelling, and the foot was red and purple. I could not even touch it let alone put weight on it. I had chills and fever.

Comment from: 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: May 17

My symptom of cellulitis was redness all the way down my leg.

Comment from: BrandiShae, 25-34 Male (Caregiver) Published: April 04

My husband was diagnosed with cellulitis last night. He is very fair skinned and prone to infection. No wound at all on site of cellulitis except there is a scar there from a different episode of infection from 20 years ago. It began as a slight pain on Monday. By Thursday (yesterday) it became almost unbearable to walk. We went to Urgent Care/Emergency Room (ER) Clinic and the doctor said it was a bruise and to go home. My husband disagreed and told her he felt like it was not just a bruise. We ended up being sent to the main hospital ER for an MRI and sure enough they saw cellulitis. They gave a dose of IV antibiotic vancomycin and sent him home with doxycycline. If he hadn't been adamant about knowing he had an infection (with his history of infections that they were aware of), this could have escalated pretty bad. Take charge of your care and follow your gut feelings.

Comment from: FeHope, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 11

My initial cellulitis symptoms were unusually bad pain and redness outside a wound. I fell on a run on a Sunday and got a few abrasions, one on the inside of my forearm. I washed my wounds with soap and water at the time, put on some antibiotic cream, and bandaged them. I didn't think much of it. The abrasion on the inside of my forearm was the worst of them- about 1/2 the size of a dollar bill. By Wed, the other wounds were healing and this one did not seem to be healing well. Then, on Friday, my arm began getting severely painful (clothes touching my arm hurt). The nearby tissue that was not injured turned red (wrapping around my forearm, maybe 20 square inches), and I saw it progressing down my arm during the workday. I was not feeling well, really tired. As soon as I got out of work (I own a business, there are no sick days), I went to urgent care as my doctor did not have an appointment for weeks. They diagnosed it as cellulitis. I've been on antibiotics (Bactrim) for 3 days now. Yesterday was rough as I felt really bad and had a slight fever, but today I feel better. Redness is subsiding a bit, although still extends about 2 inches past the wound and my arm is still really painful. Moving my fingers/thumb on that arm hurts. Doctors want to recheck me tomorrow. Hopefully the pain will be getting better soon. I thought I cleaned the abrasion pretty well, but, in the future, I am going to really scrub them, even if it hurts.

Comment from: vjc1020, 13-18 Female (Caregiver) Published: September 24

My 17 year old daughter started with a small lesion that looked like the picture provided for cellulitis. I rinsed it with peroxide and put Neosporin on it with a Band-Aid. A few days later it looked like it is drying out and more brownish instead of reddish. Then all of a sudden there are 4 small additional lesions near the original one (on the back of her arm). We went to the doctor who prescribed doxycycline 100 mg which she has taken 3 tablets so far. Now there is a new one that has formed on the back of her leg. We live in rural area and I don't know how knowledgeable area doctors are. It takes 6 months to get to any nearby dermatologist.

Comment from: Desi64, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I woke up one morning feeling fine and got busy with my day. I dropped some green beans off at my sister's house and as I left her driveway my legs started tingling, by the time I got home (20 minutes) I was nauseous and could barely move. Everything ached. My fever hit 103.9 that evening and we went to urgent care who sent me to the emergency room (ER). Two days later the rash appeared on my left ankle and I could not walk. Again to the ER then a three night stay in the hospital with IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics and my relief finally came with an antibiotic for staph and MRSA. One month and 5 days later I am able to walk again. My foot and leg are swollen and I still have minor pain. Nothing like early on. That was pain like I had never experienced before. There is still much I am not able to do but I feel more like myself. It has truly been a horrific time of my life.

Comment from: Maurice, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 28

It started with sore pain above thumb knuckle. No visible cut or scrape. Overnight fingers and wrist had swollen up. After days popping painkillers I attended the Accident and Emergency. I was diagnosed with cellulitis, kept in for 3 weeks on two types of IV antibiotics. I was informed I had septic arthritis/osteomyelitis and discharged with a further 2 weeks of antibiotic tablets.

Comment from: deb4, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 25

I almost missed knowing that I had cellulitis. I think what threw me off was that I had had dry cracked skin on my elbow for a couple of weeks. Then it began to swell and turn red over a couple of days. I also noticed quite a bit of pain beneath my underarm and I thought I had pulled a muscle. However after a couple of days, it was clear to me that something was amiss with my elbow beyond dry skin gone wild. The area was hot and puffy and red. I realized too that the pain and golf ball feeling in my underarm was swollen lymph nodes. Often cellulitis presents without any known broken skin, so I think this is how I did not realize initially that I had cellulitis.

Comment from: linuxguru, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: March 17

I had a small pimple on my left cheek about an inch from my mouth, which I accidentally grazed with my fingernail and it ruptured. There was a small amount of blood that drained. I delayed cleaning and applying Mycitracin at this location for a couple of hours, and apparently it spread then. The pimple appeared to have healed over the next few days, but there was an underlying piece of hardness below a hair follicle. I extracted that hair with tweezers, and attempted to expel the lump below it by palpating it - big mistake! Within about 30 minutes I had a reddish inflammation about the size of a quarter. I treated this with antibiotic ointments for 3 days with no apparent effect, and a slow increase in size of the lesion. Finally, I went to the clinic and it was diagnosed as cellulitis, and Cefixime 200 (oral) 1-0-1 was prescribed. By the third dose, it was clear that it was not effective and the lesion was still spreading, with a diffuse itching on the outer surface similar to the sensation of sunburn. The antibiotic was switched to Augmentin 625 (oral), which appears to have got the spread under control after just one dose; the inflammation is less severe and is not spreading further. The course may have to be extended beyond 5 days, but it's still a relief. Moral of the story: never palpate a prior infection below an infected hair follicle.

Comment from: dziner05, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 09

I have no idea how I contracted cellulitis. One day I just noticed that my calf was red and swollen, as was my foot. No pain whatsoever, or any other symptoms besides severe itching. I'm on day three of antibiotics, and the redness seems to be subsiding. Although, I now seem to have pain in my upper leg. I am not sure if it's related or not. They did blood work, and there was no infection in my system. So, hopefully this isn't related.

Comment from: Terri, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: November 05

It was Saturday morning, and I was feeling fine. I was doing some inside light cleaning. At 1 PM, I suddenly got cold and started uncontrolled shivering. I put a sweater on and went to bed with blankets on and could not stop constant shivering for an hour and a half. Later, I took my temperature and it was 101. I stayed in bed because I didn't have any energy. Next morning my right arm had a red rash and hurt, and was swollen. My left knee hurt and was swollen but not red. I went to the doctor the next day and it was diagnosed as cellulitis. I was subscribed with antibiotic cephalexin and ibuprofen.

Comment from: Chazzy, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 03

My cellulitis started on my eyelid and I thought it was just a stye. Within a day's time it was 10 times worse. It looked like a giant pimple on my eye lid. In two days it had spread to my lymph nodes. I went to the emergency room and they gave me a shot in the hip and gave me drops, cream, and antibiotics. Well, I wasn't feeling any better and had to go to walk-in clinic to get stronger antibiotics. Finally I'm on Bactrim and getting a little better after 2 weeks. I've lost 17 pounds which probably isn't good. I just want to be 100% again. Cellulitis tends to hang around. It sucks!

Comment from: etltfd, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: September 03

I came into contact with poison Ivy and for three weeks was developing rash on arms body side and groin area. I developed blisters on right foot which was very itchy. I busted the blister to drain and saw doctor for rash. I was given prednisone and was told to call back if condition worsened. I developed fever two days later and went back to doctor who prescribed antibiotics. One day later leg became swollen and lymph nodes tender with pain on the side of leg were reddest. I was admitted to hospital for three days taking antibiotics intravenously. I'm still dealing with symptoms. Ankle swells during day after minor activity.

Comment from: TallGaloot, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: June 16

The first time I had cellulitis, I thought I was having a recurrence of the blot clot I had previously had - but in the other leg. Instead, I was in the hospital for a week with IV antibiotics. The leg was red to above the knee. The second time, I went to the doctor when I saw the redness on my ankle. It looks like I will be going in again tomorrow. Each time I initially ran a very high fever. I now believe that once you get this, you will have recurrences unless you are very careful and lucky.

Comment from: Tara, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

First the cellulitis area (ankles and feet) gets really warm to the touch, then it starts itching, the area turns red. Try not to scratch the area, it only makes it worse. Within the next few hours my foot and ankle are swollen, the skin where it's swollen is tight and my foot feels like it's full of water. It's very painful. I can't put any pressure on the foot that's swollen. It sometimes also starts making red discolorations in my skin going up my calf and shin.

Comment from: sad mom, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 19

I got a pedicure and she used a razor scraper and took off a chunk of skin. Within 24 hours my whole leg and foot was swollen, blotchy, red, burning, and hot to the touch. I spent 4 hours in the emergency room. They wanted to admit me for the cellulitis, but I didn"t want to stay so they let me go home on bed rest for 4 days. What was a lovely Mother"s Day gift with my daughter turned into a nightmare! Moral: Never let them use a razor-scraper on your feet, they are never cleaned, used from patient to patient.

Comment from: runningbunny, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 22

I got bit on the wrist by a cat one morning, and cleansed the wound thoroughly; or so I thought. I woke up with a raging fever, felt confused and disorientated to the point where I was convinced I was dying. Red rash had spread from the wound site up my arm almost to the elbow, arm had swollen, almost doubling in size. A quick trip to Accident & Emergency resulted in oral antibiotics, with IV route considered if there was no improvement. The rash site was drawn round in biro and I was sent home with the instruction to return straight away if the rash spread beyond those boundaries. Oral antibiotics worked a treat, thankfully.

Comment from: carra13, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 04

I was out browsing yesterday afternoon when out of the blue I felt as if I was bitten by something. In a matter of minutes my ankle and right leg became beet red, swollen, hot and very tender areas that hurt to touch, also I could barely put pressure on foot to walk. This is the third time I develop this kind of cellulitis infection. I drove myself to the emergency room and all the while I developed chills, shaking uncontrollably. I had to put the heater in my car to keep warm, luckily I didn"t blackout. I was put on IVs of clindamycin two capsules every 6 hours and two tablets of Bactrim DS 800 MSG that I"m taking orally at home.

Comment from: Rocklike, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

I drove 15 hours and had shoes on that were tight, and ankle socks. I took off shoes and socks to sleep and noticed ankles were thick and feet swollen. Next morning feet were red and hot. Right calf was tight and hurt. I went to the emergency room that night and had ultrasound for blood clots which was negative. The doctor diagnosed me with cellulitis. I am taking Keflex and Bactrim. I think I was bitten by a spider. I contracted MRSA 4 years ago in the hospital. Now I believe they are related. I have heard nothing but horror stories and I"m one of them. It is incredibly painful and scary. I"m stuck here until the 27th, another week. I hope I don"t die in the meantime.

Comment from: gonedrake, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: February 11

I had been feeling really tired over the period of a day or two. I slept in late and woke up late afternoon, and had a slight pain in my right breast/armpit area. Within an hour or two the pain got a lot worse, I had really bad chills and shaking, all my joints/muscles hurt, and I had a fever of almost 103. That night, the pain spread to my chest and shoulder, making it really painful to take a deep breath. My breast was swollen, hot, and streaked with pink. I went to the hospital the next morning and was put on an antibiotic IV for four days and am now on an oral antibiotic treatment. I had nipple piercings so the doctors say that the right piercing was the source of the cellulitis.

Comment from: mumof2, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 14

I first felt tired and lethargic, went home to sleep, and couldn't sleep. Within 3 hours I developed a lump in my groin lymph node. I went to the emergency room, they ran blood tests and I had fever and chills and was put on IV antibiotic for 4 days. I developed red rash on lower leg next morning, burning hot but no wound, I'm not sure how I got it. I was sent home with ten days of oral antibiotic, not improved so I had 6 days of IV antibiotic, then 5 days oral again, now on another 5 days of oral; the redness has reduced but not gone. It helped to draw a line around rash to monitor movement. I am still feel wiped out, leg still swollen and I have to rest often and elevate. I got on to this cellulitis very quickly - it is a serious condition - don't wait, get it treated quickly. I have been advised I may need several weeks more of antibiotics.

Comment from: Melinda, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 02

I had been in a car accident two years earlier and my right leg was broken so badly that we talked about amputation. I was stubborn and wanted to keep my leg. What a mistake that was... I had an ulcer that developed and everyday it got worse. I kept it clean and dressed only to go to the doctor every week to have him look at it and tell me that I needed a skin graft. Too many surgeries in a short time had left my ankle swollen and useless. I developed a fever of 102 that rose to 104 quickly one morning and could not stop vomiting. Nothing stayed down and all I wanted to do was sleep. I went to the emergency room directly the next morning after my leg turned purple. They diagnosed with cellulitis and showed me where the fluid was green and yellow and came out when they pinched the skin together. I stayed in the hospital for two months on IV antibiotics and came home with a home health care nurse on IV antibiotics. I lost my leg in the end anyway and it was for the best.

Comment from: Tom, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: December 30

On November 13, 2013 I was fine. I had a slight wound on my left ankle and I covered it with Neosporin and a Band-Aid. By the afternoon, I could not push the clutch in on my truck. I got home and looked at it and it was red and swollen, very painful. I went to the emergency room. They kept me and put me on Keflex IV, along with endomycin. On November 18, they did surgery and put a charcoal vacuum pump to drain the ankle, my foot looked like it was going to explode. On November 20, they removed the pump and left me with a 4 inch incision parallel to my Achilles tendon. Today is December 26 and it is healing. I can walk now, but still have ways to go on the incision. This happened so fast and hurt so much. They told me if I had waited it could have been much worse. The surgeon who treated me saved my life and my leg.

Comment from: heidi, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 30

Mine is under my arm; it is the size of a silver dollar, hard and a little red. I am sick to my stomach, very stiff, my whole body aches and I am very fatigued. I find it very hard to breathe at times and I walk everywhere. I get sweats and night chills at times.

Comment from: Tracy79, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 25

My first experience with cellulitis was, I shaved and then went swimming in the lake. I thought nothing of it, till about 3 days later. I never experienced fever and chills but I had hot and cold flashes. I thought it was just a bad case of the flu so I took a shower. That night my leg swelled up and got so red, so fast. Elevating it felt good but as soon as I got up, the pain was unbearable. I ended up seeing a doctor and she gave me antibiotics but it wasn't till 2 weeks or more was I able to stand on my feet for long periods of time. That was 2 years ago. I recently am recovering from another cellulitis outbreak on the opposite leg. I am just wondering if once I get it am at risk in getting it again.

Comment from: cdam112, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 22

My first symptoms began when I woke up and had a small, red, painful bump under my eye. Not thinking it was anything but maybe a pimple forming, I left it alone. The next day the redness and pain spread to my cheekbone and I noticed nodes on my jawline and behind my ear were so swollen that the pain was radiating toward my head. By the third day, the swelling had increased and the pain was still very present. The swelling started to affect my vision and I knew it was time to see a doctor. I was squeezed in to see a physician assistant the same day and was prescribed Bactrim and prednisone for a 7 and 5 day treatment. I was told to call back if it didn't get better in 48 hours and to possibly start an IV antibiotic because of the location of the swelling (the eye).

Comment from: Shelley, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 14

I woke up on a Monday morning with a quarter sized red, sore mark below my left knee. By 3 am Tuesday, it was the size of a dinner plate, red, painful and sore. I went to the hospital and they prescribed me IV antibiotics at home for 3 days. By Wednesday afternoon, the redness had grown down my leg, the swelling was getting bad and the pain was getting intense. The nurse who came to change my IV told me to call an ambulance. I went back to emergency where they put another IV in me and admitted me. At its worst, the redness and swelling was well above my knee and down to my toes. The skin had started to overlap my toes. I was released on Friday with another 5 days of IV antibiotics and 10 days of oral antibiotics. I am on day 2 of the orals and the swelling is way down, the redness is still there and the pain is manageable. I spent a week and a half in a wheelchair unable to walk, but can now manage to get around on a cane.

Comment from: Twiggy, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: November 07

My cellulitis developed in the tissue around the eye. It was very inflamed and sore, worse still, it took doctors a long time to realize what it was, describing it as an allergy. Eventually I was given an antibiotic, after my eye closed over from the swelling; it was not a good experience. I seem to get it around every October, once I was hospitalized with an IV.

Comment from: marie, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 07

I had had a cyst removed from the right side of my head just above my ear. In a couple of days I felt sick and had a headache. I went to the doctor as it was a Friday and I didn't want to end up in the emergency room on the weekend. The doctor sent me to a 24 hour surgery clinic where I was monitored for about 4 hours and there was no sign of cellulitis yet I felt sick and had a high temperature and a headache. I was sent to the hospital and luckily for me I had the head of infectious diseases on duty. He realized it was cellulitis in my face. They were going to cut my face open to drain the fluid, it was touch and go for 24 hours. I would have died had I not gone to the doctor, as it was I ended up staying in the hospital for a week and one side of my face was three times its normal size. If something in your body doesn't feel right its best to seek medical help.

Comment from: Frustrated, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 22

I had tenderness on my right inner thigh for a couple of weeks before the large red mark appeared. Looked like a whitish circle around the red area. The doctor first thought it was a bite. Though the thigh was tender, after a couple of days pain began through my whole body, neck to toe. I went to the emergency room because the pain was so bad. The emergency room doctor said it was cellulitis, not a bite. They changed my antibiotic and pain pill. I went back to the doctor again for follow-up and the pain was even worse. I have a herniated disc between c5 and c6 vertebrae so the doctor sent me back to the surgeon. The surgeon thought it was carpal tunnel and was prepared to do surgery. He ordered EMG and it was determined that it was not carpel tunnel and he didn't know what was causing pain. I slept in recliner for almost 2 weeks and could not even get out of bed at times because the pain was so excruciating, especially in my upper body. I told the surgeon I needed blood work to see if infection had spread to my bloodstream. All tests showed high inflammation. My doctor then sent me to a rheumatologist. There was more blood work, we still can't find why I was in so much pain. The rheumatologist sent me for a bilateral temporal biopsy. That was negative. Still seeing doctors and have been on steroids. The pain is gone now, but no one can really tell me if it was the cellulitis that caused the excruciating pain through my whole body or what. It is still a mystery. This all begin end of July 2013 and it is now mid-October. Really? I still say it was from cellulitis, but who am I, not the doctor of course.

Comment from: guyslittleacre, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 14

It started out with intense pain in my left breast, and the pain became more intense each day. My whole body ached, and the breast swelled more each day. A small pink spot showed up on the breast, and each day it spread until the entire breast was a pink color. The pain became unbearable, and I went to the hospital emergency room after four days. I was diagnosed with cellulitis. At that time, I was given an IV containing an antibiotic and a prescription for additional antibiotics and medication for pain. It was totally well within a week. I had not had an open wound or any exposure to animals, etc. I still don't know exactly what caused this condition. I shower, twice daily, don't have animals and keep a very clean house!

Comment from: mac, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: November 14

My foot is swollen from cellulitis. This happened two years ago.

Comment from: sunshine, 55-64 Male (Caregiver) Published: March 02

This is my son who has the problem of cellulitis. We have been to numerous doctors, they can't tell us what this is, but the pictures I have just seen look just like what my son has. It keeps spreading and the redness and swelling have climbed up from his feet in the last year up to his crotch.

Comment from: Harry, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: June 14

I have cellulitis. I finished my 10 day supply of antibiotics. The redness is practically gone but the burning pain and swelling are still there. My temperature is normal, but I feel like I am burning up.

Comment from: Pradeep K A., 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: April 07

I had pain in my knee and heavy swelling on my leg from knee to foot and heavy pain. For 40 days I had taken antibiotics injections and bed rest in hospital for 7 days for my cellulitis.

Comment from: littlebit1971, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

My cellulitis symptoms are swelling of ankles, peeling of the skin and reddish brown color, and it is very painful.

Comment from: mathovich, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 14

I have intense burning headache, fever, and I feel like dog meat! This is the second time this cellulitis has happened. I have no idea how I got it!

Comment from: Insman2, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: May 21

I felt itching on my right cheek, didn"t pay much attention to it until a couple days later the redness began moving up to my eye. I went to the doctor and she thought it was shingles so she gave me antibiotics to take and said to call if it got worse. It did and I went back and was directly admitted to hospital for 3 days for cellulitis. I had antibiotics thru IV. I had something similar one other time in my ankle but you could follow the red line moving up my leg. I was in the hospital 10 days that time with antibiotics.

Comment from: joyful, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: March 19

I hit my left leg on a rusty metal bar sticking out in a field, 10 days ago. It was painful but I didn't pay much attention to it then. Four days later my leg was swollen. I don"t like to slow down, which didn"t help, but I went to the doctor who gave me antibiotics; leg is still swollen with blood and pus from cellulitis. I"m resting now, with leg up and being patient. After all, I am my own doctor.

Comment from: Mawmaw J, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 03

My initial symptoms of cellulitis were fever, vomiting and severe chills. I thought I had the flu. On the third day I awoke to tomato red, severely swollen foot and leg and 104.3 fever.

Comment from: 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 17

Three years ago I got cellulitis in both legs below knee into foot. They started me on 2 IV antibiotics. My legs were red, very swollen and hurt terribly. I stayed 7 days and went home on pills cephalexin. I have had it 3 more times since and it has always been the same.

Comment from: JustHazel, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

My cellulitis started out as pain in my left foot; it got swollen and warm the day after. Two days later the swelling and warmth went up my leg. I also had rashes all over my body, I am not sure if this was connected to the cellulitis, and fever (38 degrees C) on the 3rd day. Both legs were and still are tender to the touch. I was put on oral antibiotics for a week (1.5 days left!) and anti-inflammatory drug for 3-5 days. I also took anti-histamine for the rashes. Now there are no more rashes, just a few red spots here and there. I still get easily tired though.

Comment from: MomoToto, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

Three months ago a cat jumped on my leg and I developed cellulitis. It spread all along the leg into the foot. I went to the hospital to get intravenous antibiotics for seven days and it responded really well to the antibiotics. I have been putting my foot up constantly and exercising it. When I wake up my foot is normal but during the day it gets swollen and hot on the top part of the foot and it also seems to dislike long walks. Since then the cat has patted me gently on the arm and I got cellulitis on the spot but taking cloxacillin immediately got rid of it and the redness was gone within 12 hours. I'm in Malaysia at the moment and it seems like local bacteria.

Comment from: SZ, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I had a small spot in my abdomen area, which grew big, red and itched a lot with a burning feeling in the tissues. The tissues around the spot were hardened and swollen. It grew bigger from a 3 mm dot to 10 mm opening and reddish area of about 10 square centimeters. Only after I started heavy antibiotics and painkillers it very slowly started to improve. It has been 3 weeks now. My doctor advised to stop antibiotics but just after a day I found it growing again, so I started antibiotics again. I also used aloe vera flesh and replace the bandage almost every day. This helped a lot. Also I used homeopathic medicine silica and I think I was also aiding improvement. It is now 4 square cm.

Comment from: Isabella, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 28

Recently, I ran with my dogs and felt fit enough to jog farther distances at a time. The next morning, I woke up, and by 7 a.m. my upper legs were in pain, which I thought was normal due to jogging. Two hours later, I had the most terrible fever I had ever experienced. That day, I had chills and thought I'd come down with the flu. I took flu medicine, got into bed, and by Friday morning the fever was better, but my right leg was stiff and swollen. I could not bend at the back of my knee. I thought it had something to do with jogging. A couple of days later, I had a red, swollen rash on the front of my right leg, from below the knee to the ankle. I went to see my doctor, who diagnosed me with cellulitis and started me on Dalacin C antibiotics. The next morning, I had a blister the size of a golf ball on the inside of my ankle, with yellow fluid inside. Toward the front of my ankle, three more small blisters formed with fluid inside. A few days later, the big blister – now the size of a tennis ball – opened, and fluid drained. By this time, my right leg was swollen to about twice the size of my left leg, and even elevating it did not bring down the swelling. It also started to ooze and the liquid that drained was like ice water. The oozing part of my leg also felt cold, while the rest of my leg – from my ankle to above my knee -- was hot. My skin had a purplish-yellowish look. My doctor changed antibiotics and I also applied antibiotic cream on the infected skin. Since the Sunday after I was diagnosed, I have dressed my leg two or three times a day, keep it raised, drink lots of water, and minimize my intake of sugar and starches. I also use lots of moisture on my skin. It has now been five weeks since I got it, and the infected part of my skin is getting smaller and the draining of my lymph fluids is now only minimal. The swelling is better, but still far from gone. I still can't wear normal shoes, and I find it difficult to stand on my leg. Mild exercise seems to reduce the pain slightly. For the last week, I have been able to get out of bed from an elevated position without my leg feeling as if the flesh is being ripped off as the blood circulates back.

Comment from: robinp5, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 02

I had cellulitis / candida of the chest wall (yeast) for over 2 years. Not looking forward to several surgeries so I now just use the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse supplement. It has worked. I have tried over 20 different candida supplements for my chest, but the Lady Soma Candida is the only one that removed the candida completely. Right when I start to feel it coming back, I take 3 or 4 pills right away, and the outbreak never happens.

Comment from: ronz, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: July 13

It's been nearly 3 years since my bout with cellulitis and I still deal with edema in the afflicted (lower left leg). Looks like I am stuck with this for life!

Comment from: mandy, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 29

I got cellulitis from cutting my toe nail too short, and I have had this for 9 months.

Comment from: 55-64 (Patient) Published: May 17

Initially I thought my cellulitis was a hernia.

Comment from: Ginny, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: January 14

I have extreme pain like burning in my leg just above the ankle. It is not broken skin but it is a little warm and not red. I wonder if it could still be cellulitis.

Comment from: thelma, 25-34 (Patient) Published: January 06

My cellulitis started with a boil on the head and later I discovered that my eyes were swollen.

Comment from: bonnie, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 08

I went in the hospital for a minor procedure, a scope. Due to the negligence of the lady putting in the IV, I contracted cellulitis. It was extremely painful. I was given a high dose of an antibiotic called clindamycin 300 mg. It does not seem to be working!

Comment from: Paula, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 05

With cellulitis I had a small itchy spot that was slightly red.

Comment from: maree, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

This is my third time with cellulitis, so very disappointing and I seem to be lot sicker with vomiting and diarrhea.

Comment from: Opalady, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 20

This is the 5th time I have had cellulitis in 6 months. I caught this on holiday in Croatia. I have been on intravenous drips as well as antibiotic pills. Three days ago I had a bad case of gastritis and then the chills started and my leg started to ache and I knew I was going to end up with the cellulitis again. I went straight to the doctor for blood tests and he has put me on 500 mg Keflex. I"m so sick of this. I wish I knew how to stop the attacks.

Comment from: virginia, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 03

I had surgery and plates removed from the foot leaving a red area. It was very hot and itching near incision after surgery. IV and antibiotics were given and medications for 10 days, 3 days of IV, now a blister type rash has started.

Comment from: realfrazzled, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 23

I now am suffering from my fifth bout of cellulitis. I am at home on oral antibiotics but the first time I contracted cellulitis I was in the hospital on IV antibiotics (3) for a month, came home on oral medication and was hospitalized again for a month on IV antibiotics. Now I know what to look for and call my physician right away. I have had it in my feet, legs, elbow, stomach, chest and back.

Comment from: ms dennis, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 04

My symptoms were severe pain in leg, lots of swelling and feeling very weak in the knee area.

Comment from: mnesoda, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

My cellulitis started with severe headache and fever. My arm then became red, and then blisters appeared and started oozing. MRSA was diagnosed with swellings in lymph nodes making the pain unbearable. A large area of over two-thirds of lower arm looked infected. It left scarring.

Comment from: rversaggi, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I had an infestation of bees in the attic crawl space, and was bitten in the finger. It swelled and then subsided. A few days later my forearm swelled and it was painful and hot, with enough itching to keep me awake for hours at night. I went to the doctor who diagnosed cellulitis and prescribed antibiotics and prednisone. It is a very slow recovery. Three days after swelling has reduced but itching continues.

Comment from: BayLady, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

My cellulitis symptoms are a blister on my big toe and redness, swelling, and itching of the foot. I thought I had been bitten by a spider. I had no pain at all. I went to the doctor just to get some relief from the swelling and itching after the first day. I still don't know how I contracted cellulitis.

Comment from: windspiritjan, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: August 20

I was bitten on the hand by an 80-pound dog. I let it bleed, washed it out and applied hydrogen peroxide. The next day, I went to my doctor's office. He sent me to the hospital. The hand was swollen, bruised, and had two red line extending toward the elbow. X-rays showed no broken bones. Cellulitis was diagnosed and an IV of antibiotics was administered and antibiotics were prescribed.

Comment from: 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: July 03

I had an itching, burning sensation on arm. Scratching makes it worse, but it feels like small bumps below the surface that itch, like I am being bitten. It goes away and then erupts again. It's a sharp, stabbing pain and itching. I want to tear my arm off.

Comment from: Kimmy2005, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: May 30

We went fishing last weekend and my husband was eaten up by the sand flies. He scratched at the bites and was bleeding. On Sunday afternoon, his legs and feet started to swell. By Monday – after drinking beer all day – he sat and cried because his legs and feet hurt so badly that he could not walk. I called the doctor, thinking it was fluid built up because he missed taking his pill for two days. The doctor says he didn't think it was fluid, and that it was probably from the bites. I brought my husband to the doctor on Tuesday and he was diagnosed with cellulitis. He got a shot and prescriptions for antibiotics. This is the third day, and my husband is still red and swollen. If he's not better by tomorrow, the doctor will hear from me again! My husband was raised on the water and has been bitten before, but this is something new to us.

Comment from: Starshadow, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 20

I was able to see my cheek because it was so swollen, hard, heavy, and painful to touch.

Comment from: thissucks, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: May 20

I decided to get a Brazilian wax and it turned out to be a mistake. I got small, red, hard, painful bumps the next day that filled with pus. I thought they were zits, so I popped one and felt better for about eight hours, but then they filled with pus again and I knew that it was an infection.

Comment from: g, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 19

I've had these recurring bumps between my legs that are painful at times. I went to a pharmacist, who prescribed Pinaclav. The bumps are gone, but I just decided to look up what might have caused the bumps.

Comment from: shann, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 12

I first got it when I was camping with a friend last year. I have it now but I do not want to do anything about it as I do not like touching that area with cream or anything. I'm just going to leave it this time and let it get better on its own.

Published: June 25

My symptoms started on a Friday and by Sunday night I had a temp of 102.2. I had alot of pain and swelling in my buttock region and could not understand it; I thought that because I do CNA work I may have lifted a patient incorrectly. On Monday I went to the doctor who informed me that I had a bacterial skin infection and upon talking with my job they stated that it was cellulitis. I am still not sure how I got it, but I am also diabetic so it has and is taking quite a bit from me physically even to type this. I am taking Keflex and Vicodin and I hope to be feeling better soon.

Published: June 18

I started out with pain on the lower part of my left leg. I limped around but didn't really 'look' at my leg. I went to bed and woke up in a lot of pain. When I got out of bed I noticed immediately that the pain in my leg was almost too much to walk. When I looked it, it was red, swollen and bumpy. I had chills and sweats, my temperature was 103.4. I finally woke up my husband and we headed to the ER. My bloodwork came back with elevated white cells count so I was admitted and started my first round of antibiotics via IV. The swelling, redness and pain continued for another day - the cellulitus even spread to the back of my leg. After several IV antibiotic treatments my white cell counts went down and the redness diminished enough to discharge. Four weeks later, I'm on my 5th round of antibiotics and I still have a spot the size of a baseball on the back/side of my left leg. It's painful and red - and just doesn't seem to want to go away.

Published: June 18

I developed cellulitis 3 weeks post op for a spinal cord stimulator implant. Infection is at the generator incision site at my buttock area. I am still battling the infection and fever. Removal of SCS system implanted in jeopardy for fear of infection spreading, causing spinal meningitis. The infection came on suddenly, the day after I charged the generator for the first time.

Published: June 18

Initially I had a fever of 101 for one day, felt very weak. My physician thought it to be viral and recommended fluid and rest. The next day the fever had subsided. I had to travel and during the travel my lower leg swelled. I had had vein surgery on that leg and initially I thought it was from being on a plane and a bus for 12 hours, but when I examined my leg later is was red, swollen and warm from the knee down. I tried cortisone cream, which did no good. The next day I called my physician; from my description they thought it might be a blood clot. I went to an ER where the diagnosis was cellulitis. I was given IV antibiotics and then a prescription for Keflex, which I am still taking. The symptoms have subsided, but I will take the full course of antibiotics (10 days).

Published: June 18

My child was given a clinical diagnosis (observational) of Lyme with a secondary infection of bacterial cellulitis. Although we never saw an attached tick, we live in a heavily deer-tick/Lyme disease infested area and my child plays in the woods most days for long periods of time. The doctor decided that the bulls-eye on the skin was indicative of Lyme. But because the area was also terribly swollen, hot, red, with elevated fever, fatigue, and getting progressively worse, that this was caused by an additional secondary bacterial infection probably from the irritation of and break in the skin from the bite. The doctor explained that these two conditions do not tend to have overlapping symptoms, so that because both sets of symptoms were present meant that they were most likely caused by two different problems. My child has now started on 100mg doxycycline 2x/day for 21 days, which should punch-down both nasty microorganisms.

Published: June 17

I am a Crohns patient, had surgery 2 month ago but my Dr. told me to stay on Remicade infusion. I noticed after 5 or 6 treatments with Remicade, about 2-3 weeks later after the treatment I started to get skin infections like abscesses. I went to the ER just today and they had to cut this abscess, it grew rapidly in 3 days that I couldn't walk. My Doctor said it is called cellulitis, and I think it is related to Remicade.

Published: June 17

It happened 3 days after my 15th birthday. First, I got sore eyes, my eyes are really scary because the white part in my eyes turned into solid dark red color. Then afterwards I can't walk normally, I wasn't able to walk because my left ankle really aches. It became swollen and red. I got fever all the time and I feel that my feet are warm. After 2 days I decided to go to a doctor. Then after 4 hours they have determined my illness, it's a cellulitis, and they believe that it is because of a bite of something that I really didn't feel, I have noticed it a week ago before I suffer cellulitis. Actually, cellulitis is not familiar at me. Until now I can't walk normally, but I'm trying my best to go to school. Now I know the real meaning thanks for the information and I hope you understand my experience.

Published: June 17

My cellulitis began as a swelling in my right thumb near the cuticle. I've had a fungal condition on my nails for months and thought this was somehow related. By midnight, I couldn't stand the pain and went to the emergency room; the redness had spread along my thumb and a narrow red line was snaking up my arm. I was given antibiotics in an IV and had to return for two more nights for more IV treatment in addition to beginning oral antibiotics (Keflex). This is now my fifth day, and the affected area is still beet-red, with pus forming near the cuticle. I'll see my family doctor tomorrow to find out if the area needs to be drained. I had no wound, animal bite, hangnail or anything around the infection site. The condition just erupted from nowhere.

Published: June 13

My husband had been going through this excruciating pain in his lower legs. He was 34 yrs old. When he finally agreed to go, we went to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a severe case of cellulitis and lymph node endemia in both of his legs. His legs had became disfigured. It was painful to watch this independent man that I loved for 13 yrs in this state. Everything went downhill from that point. He was admitted into the hospital, and he went into a coma, and passed away.

Published: June 13

My sister is now 28yrs. old and she has had Cellulitis 5 times and 2 of them were so bad that is was in the hospital for 8 days. It started when she was 9 yrs and she fell into and old and dirty swamp. With in a year she started to have allergies. They are so bad now that she can't see (do to red and watery eyes).

Published: June 12

Red and swollen area around a cut I had from falling. It was also very warm to the touch.

Published: June 10

I broke my ankle 4 yrs ago and had to have a metal rod placed in my leg to hold the bone together. Ever since my leg healed I have had ALOT of swelling and a red ring around my ankle and now the other ankle area too. It gets hot and looks like a burn. I just changed Dr. and he said he thinks it is cellulitis, and that was the end of that. No meds or anything. I didn't even know it was some kind of infection until I got on your web site to research it. He said it would help if I lost weight.

Published: June 09

Mine started as what I believed to be a spider bite (didn't see/feel it happen, but it itched and was bigger than a mosquito bite) on the back of my leg right above my knee. It was oval in shape. It didn't seem like a big deal for the first few days but then all of a sudden it swelled up, became larger, very painful, burning, bright red, and made me queasy if touched or brushed against. I also noticed a red trail leading to another swollen area just below my crotch (a lymph node). Finally, I went to the doctor (my worst symptoms happened Friday-Sunday so I waited till Monday instead of going to ER) even after it showed signs of improvement. He has me on amoxicillin and heat therapy. I go back in a week for follow up provided it doesn't get any worse in the meantime.

Published: June 09

Mine always starts with flu like symptoms, body aches, vomiting but nothing coming up, pain in my upper thigh (Lymph Nodes) then after a few days a red rash, redder than the twenty year old post surgical site, and appears. Poor circulation around the site leads to a nice wet warm swamp for the bacteria to grow. Sometimes it feels like my foot has been severely sunburned, sometimes like the meat is ripping off my calf when I attempt to stand, Done the hospital for 11 days on IV then another 5 at home, Done antibiotics at home. I've been prayed for and it disappeared within 24 hours. It always makes me extremely sick, fevered, and chilled with unproductive vomiting and extreme pain. I've probably had it 5-7 times and I hate it.

Published: June 09

It began on Mother's day after working 6 hours. I got home and had chills. I then began to sweat. After a few hours I went to bed. The next day I could hardly get out of bed. I was so sick and still had chills and sweats. I took my temp. It was 104. I took my daughter to school and then called work to say I had a temp and was in no shape to work. After a few days I went to see the doc. My right leg and foot had swollen, reddened, and the skin was peeling. They gave me an Antibiotic shot right away in my behind and gave me pills for the rest of the week. The inflammation is gone but now after almost 4 years my foot and leg still swell. Almost 1/4 more in size to my left side. It is not warm to the touch but cold like cold water running through my veins. Usually from my right hip down the side and back to my foot. I can't wear nice shoes because the swelling NEVER goes away. Same with certain pants. I have to make sure the leg is wide enough. In the shower I run HOT water on my leg just to warm it up. My skin is bluish in color at first but turns to red after running the water for awhile. I would like some advice to help reduce the swelling. I have been told to lose weight but this is easier said than done. I have taken water pills. Just makes me pee a lot. Putting my leg up helps, but I cannot sit like this all day.

Published: June 09

I am a 62 year old obese woman. I develop cellulitis usually twice a year. I think that this has a lot to do with my dislike for shoes. I hadn't experienced it since last fall as I wore shoes all the time I was outside. I have a large callus on the ball of my left foot when this begins to loosen I usually develop cellulitis obviously because there is an entrance for the bacteria no mater how small. Luckily there are still antibiotics that clear it up and I have learned I must wear shoes and socks in my home or out.

Published: June 09

Our 3 year old Son had a few mosquito bites on his lower leg/foot and within 24 hours he developed severe ankle area swelling, redness and itching and it was also hot to touch and very tender.

Published: June 04

My initial symptoms were low-grade fever, chills and a warm, red, swollen and painful lower leg.

Published: June 03

I cut my leg over a week ago, but cleaned it and treated it with an antiseptic cream almost straight away. When I got home I again cleaned the wound and applied iodine. Everything seemed to be going fine for a week. Then it suddenly got red and started swelling. The doctor saw me straight away and has prescribed penicillin and flucloxacillin, along with ibuprofen to act as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. It's still not looking good, so I'm going back tomorrow.

Published: June 03

I had cellulitis on the inner part of my thigh. I was told by one doctor it was a bug bite that turned into cellulitis. I went to the hospital they gave me some antibiotics in an IV and pills to take home, it did not work. I kept having night sweats my leg got redder and bigger daily, and it was spreading. Then I went to a family doctor instead of the ER he replied by saying damn and then I was instantly put in the hospital I had surgery, and after I got out of the hospital in 3-4 days I had to pack to large holes in my leg with gauze. I really felt like I had the flu and I vomited often and my potassium got low. I think it was resistant to certain antibiotics.

Published: June 03

My cellulitis began with what looked like a piece of lint near my ankle. I brushed the "lint" off and noticed a clear liquid oozing from where the lint had been. I squeezed not knowing what it was. It keeping draining and I sterilized a needle and poked the small hole. I could tell that something was in there. A soft-squishy bump. After pain so bad I had to crawl I decided it was time to see the doctor. He said it was an abscess. He lanced it, not much drainage. I went back to work. The next day area of my ankle was so swollen. I had to go back to the doc's anyway. He unwrapped my foot, squeezed the incision and pus/blood spewed out. Well, I ended up for 5 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics ... physical therapy to cleanse the wound with saline solution. She founded something ... a very small white thing. I took it to work and put it under a magnifying piece ... it looked like a tiny piece of crystallized sand! After having professional look at it ... calcified thing! It looks like a little fossil to us! After almost 4 years it still itches sometimes, really bad. What is with that? Doc doesn't seem concerned but I find it odd. Itching is a sign of healing ... after 4 years?

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