A Visual Guide to Celiac Disease

Photo of woman standing in a wheat field.
A woman suffering with stomach pain due to celiac disease.
Weight loss due to celiac disease.
Dermatitis herpetiformis due to celiac disease.
A woman suffering memory loss due to celiac disease.
A dentist examining a boy's teeth for signs of celiac disease.
Photo of celiac trigger foods.
Photo of challah bread.
A repulsed girl with glass of chocolate milk.
Photo of a large family eating dinner.
Photo of a normal and celiac damaged intestine.
An older man with celiac disease.
Testing blood samples for celiac disease.
Film sheet showing dna sequences.
Photo of villi in the small intestine.
Photo of a woman with stomach pain on the couch.
Photo of a doctor discussing celiac disease with a woman.
Photo of a woman injecting insulin.
Photo of a woman having bone density scan.
Photo of gluten free foods.
Photo of products that contain hidden gluten.
Photo of naturally gluten free foods.
Photo of dietary supplements.
Photo of a doctor holding an IV.
Photo of healthy foods for celiac disease.
Photo of a hookworm.

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Celiac Disease: Symptoms, Gluten in Foods, Gluten Allergy Tests, and More

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