Can You Walk Around With Kegel Balls?

Medically Reviewed on 10/7/2021
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While you can walk around with Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls, it is recommended to do so for only short periods of time.

Yes, you can walk around with Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls, but you should not do it for long. Walking for too long with Kegel balls is most likely to make you feel exhausted because you must hold them more tightly against gravity while you walk.

Initially, it is recommended to use Ben Wa balls in standing or still positions. You may find difficulty holding them at first and, hence, may only be able to do so for a shorter time. However, with time, your pelvic muscles will gain strength, and you may be able to hold them for a longer time. Even after your muscles have gained enough strength, you must avoid moving around with Kegel balls for more than a couple of hours.

Can Kegel balls be used by every woman?

Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls are weighted balls used for performing Kegel exercises. Any exercise comes with a few risks. Performing exercises with Kegel balls can lead to side effects, such as overexertion and pain or discomfort. You can minimize these risks by using the correct size, weight, and technique.

Carefully read the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the Kegel balls. If you have additional concerns, do not hesitate to ask a doctor.

Before using Kegel balls, you need to check with your doctor if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have just gone through childbirth
  • Have recently been through any surgery on your reproductive system
  • Have an active pelvic infection
  • Have an intrauterine device
  • Are using a menstrual cup

If you cannot utilize Kegel balls consider performing pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles instead.

What are Kegel balls for?

Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls have been in use for a long time. They are used as a form of workout to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles for purposes, including:

  • Treatment of urinary incontinence and bladder control
  • Treatment of stress incontinence
  • Vaginal or cervical prolapse
  • Enhancing sexual pleasure

Because of their use in sexual gratification, Ben Wa balls double as sex toys with the following names:

  • Orgasm balls
  • Love balls
  • Pleasure balls
  • Venus balls
  • Jiggle balls
  • Geisha balls

How do you clean Kegel balls?

Before using Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls, you need to clean them properly, which is detail below:

  1. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Wash your Kegel balls, including the string, with warm water and mild, antibacterial soap.
  3. Dry the Kegel balls with a clean towel.

How do you insert and use Kegel balls?

To insert and use Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls, here are a few tips:

  • Rub a generous quantity of water-based lubricants on the Kegel balls.
  • Apply the lubricant inside the vagina as well before inserting the Kegel balls.
  • Insert the first Kegel ball inside the vagina till you feel like it is secure and sturdy in place and you are comfortable.
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any point during the insertion, stop the insertion of Kegel balls and remove them.
  • If you feel like the Kegel balls are falling out, push them deeper into the vaginal canal. You need not worry about them going too far.
  • Make sure the string stays outside (which is similar to a tampon string).
  • Follow the similar procedure of insertion for the second Kegel ball. Make sure the strings do not get stuck between the Kegel balls.
  • Contract the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles along with the Kegel ball (try pulling the Kegel ball up using the vaginal muscles).

You can keep the Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls inserted in the vagina for a maximum of six hours.

Kegel balls come in various sizes and weights. Choose the right one for yourself.


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Medically Reviewed on 10/7/2021
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