Can I Check My Blood Pressure With My Phone?

 The heart pumps blood into the arteries as it contracts (systole).
The heart pumps blood into the arteries as it contracts (systole).

It is possible but not reliable. Hence, it is not advised.

You cannot accurately check your blood pressure with your phone. Several apps, both Android and iOS, claim that they can measure your blood pressure via new technology. None of these apps have any backing from health experts and scientists as far as their efficiency or credibility is concerned. Thus, it is better to rely on the standard blood pressure equipment called a sphygmomanometer for accurately measuring the blood pressure. You may use the apps on your phone for

  • Keeping a record of your blood pressure readings by manually entering the data.
  • Sending your blood pressure readings to your doctor’s phone and receiving your doctor’s feedback.
  • Keeping a track of your salt intake.
  • Getting reminders for staying active, exercising and drinking water.
  • Ensuring adherence to medications.

What type of blood pressure monitor should I use at home?

For monitoring blood pressure at home, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends an automatic, cuff-style, upper-arm (bicep) monitor. According to the AHA

  • You must ensure that the monitor you purchase has been validated. You may take a pharmacist’s or doctor’s opinion for the same.
  • Wrist and finger monitors provide less reliable readings and are thus not recommended.
  • Ensure that the cuff that comes with the monitor is the right size for you. You may take the pharmacist’s help to ensure that it fits well.
  • Before buying a blood pressure monitor for certain special categories such as children, seniors and pregnant women, you must make sure it is validated for these categories.
  • Take the blood pressure monitor you buy to your doctor’s office during the next appointment. They may check whether you are using it correctly. Your doctor may also compare the readings from your monitor with their readings to ascertain the accuracy of your monitor. You may take your monitor once a year to your doctor to check its accuracy.


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