Can Gout Cause Aplastic Anemia?

Last Editorial Review: 10/24/2017

Ask the Experts

My father-in-law has suffered from gout for several years and was put on Col-Benemid (colchicine/probenecid) and developed symptoms of aplastic anemia about 3 years ago. A bone marrow biopsy did not show cancerous cells. After long doses of steroids, his low platlet count, low WBC count, etc. has resolved.

Doctor's Response

Gout can present in association with blood dyscrasias, such as:

It is of note that colchicine (which is a component of Col-Benemid) can cause bone marrow suppression and result in low blood counts.

For more information, please read our full medical article about colchicine uses, side effects and dosage.

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