Can a Menstrual Cup Give You Pleasure?

Medically Reviewed on 9/20/2022
Menstrual Cup
The use of a menstrual cup may help relieve pain while giving you pleasure.

Some women may experience pleasure after inserting a menstrual cup. This is owing to the fact that menstrual cups manufactured of medical grade silicone do not disturb the vaginal wall and give a sense of foreign touch. Some may even reach G-spot, and the stimulation of the same may result in orgasms in women.

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a tiny, flexible, funnel-shaped cup made of medical-grade silicone that is used to collect menstrual blood. Menstrual cups may be cleaned and reinserted every day, making them a more cost-effective and environmental-friendly period solution than sanitary towels and tampons. 

  • Although menstrual cups cannot alleviate cramps or improve your mood, they can assist to avoid leaks and provide a reusable and environmentally responsible alternative to tampons and sanitary towels.
  • Menstrual cups, like tampons, are placed straight into the vagina and collect period blood. They can collect more blood than tampons and sanitary towels and can be worn for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.
  • After being put into the vagina, they form a suction seal to prevent leaks, and the stem at the base of the cup aids in the removal of the menstrual cup when necessary.

Menstrual cups should be cleaned thoroughly by following the instructions before reinsertion to prevent possible infections.

Can orgasm help with menstrual pain?

Many women have cramps and other unpleasant sensations before and during their menstruation. Orgasms may aid in the relief of period cramps.

  • Menstrual cramps occur as your uterus contracts to remove its lining, causing agony.
  • During an orgasm, your uterus contracts and then relaxes.
  • This may assist to alleviate your cramps.

Pain-relieving benefits of the hormones (such as endorphins) released by your body during and after an orgasm can assist treat menstrual cramps. Women who have cramps before their period may benefit from orgasms.

Therefore, the use of a menstrual cup may help relieve pain while giving you pleasure.

Is it possible to have sex with a menstrual cup on?

Yes, you can have penetrative sex while wearing a menstrual cup. If you and your partner are comfortable having penetrative sex while using a cup, there should be no reason not to give it a shot. The vagina expands as you get sexually aroused. This will make more room to accommodate your partner while keeping the menstrual cup intact. 

However, to make things easier, you must use a soft menstrual cup, and a severed tip cup is better. If you are to remove the tip, you must master removing the cup with ease. A softer cup collapses to the penis when entering or removing just as it does when your finger presses against it.

You must communicate if you or your partner have any pain or discomfort while having sex with the cup inserted. The reason for discomfort may be that it is not the correct cup or perhaps it is not in the right place. You must communicate with each other.

You must start slowly, learn to recognize the sensation, and check whether either of you is in pain. Allow your companion to shift around and see if another spot feels more comfortable. Perhaps the cup feels better above, below, or to the side of your partner’s penis. You may enjoy it to the fullest once both you and your partner get comfortable.

Removing the stem will make it easier for your partner; otherwise, it may keep poking and make them uncomfortable. However, some may learn to push the stem to a side. It all depends on your personal choice and comfort.


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Medically Reviewed on 9/20/2022
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