Can 14-Year-Old Boys Build Muscle? How to Gain Muscle

Medically Reviewed on 3/9/2022
Can 14-Year-Old Boys Build Muscle
Many 14-year-old boys experience growth spurts during puberty and can build muscle through weight training as long as they are careful to avoid injury

Many 14-year-old boys experience growth spurts during puberty and can build muscle through weight training. However, since their skeletal system is still developing, they need to be careful to avoid injury. 

It is best to consult a professional fitness trainer and nutritionist to develop an age-appropriate workout and diet regime.

What is the development of a 14-year-old boy?

As boys reach puberty, they go through physical, mental, and emotional changes that prepare them for adulthood. Surging hormones bring about the following developmental changes in adolescent boys:

  • Physical changes: Growth spurts, voice deepening, acne, enlargement of the penis and testicles, development of underarm and pubic hair, and wet dreams
  • Cognitive changes: Greater interest in the opposite sex, more interest in social issues, challenging prevailing ideas
  • Emotional changes: Frequent mood swings, increased sex drive
  • Social changes: More absorbed in physical appearance, easily influenced by peer pressure

Teenage boys may notice that different parts of the body grow faster than others—such as the arms or legs—and they may double their weight as they continue to develop.

How to gain muscle at age 14

If you are trying to build muscle as a 14-year-old boy, it’s important to focus on the basics—exercising regularly, eating healthy, and avoiding unnecessary supplements

Instead of trying to piece together weight-lifting programs, start with a workout regimen that focuses on strengthening your core and increasing your endurance.


Strength training is one of the most effective ways to build muscle. It involves using your body weight or lighter free weights to increase your strength and endurance. You can incorporate a combination of:

  • 10-minute warm-up of any form of calisthenics
  • Bodyweight exercises, such as squats, pushups, sit-ups, or pull-ups
  • Light weight-lifting with a high number of repetitions
  • Compound exercises, such as weighted squats, bench press, or deadlifts


When it comes to building muscle, diet is key. Fitness enthusiasts and trainers advise eating high-quality, protein-rich food in order to develop muscle. Other diet tips include the following: 

  • Make healthy food choices, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, quinoa, unprocessed meat, and whole milk
  • Consume at least 150 grams of protein a day
  • Don’t completely cut out carbs or fat, but avoid trans fat
  • Eat until you are fully satisfied


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Medically Reviewed on 3/9/2022
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