Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The outlook for women with breast cancer is improving constantly.
Illustration of breast cancer.
There are different types of breast cancer.
All women should have a breast cancer exam.
A doctor performs a 3D mammogram on a patient.
A breast ultrasound is often ordered in addition to a mammogram.
A self breast exam.
Lumps in the breast are common.
Needle biopsies are used to diagnose breast cancer.
Breast cancer has receptors for estrogen or progesterone.
Photo of HER2 gene.
Breast cancer stages.
Survival in breast cancer depends upon the extent of spread, of stage.
Breast cancer surgery for the removal of tumors.
Radiation for breast cancer.
Chemotherapy drugs are given to kill cancer cells.
Woman taking a pill.
Photo of Herceptin drug.
Breast cancer treatment can be physically exhausting.
Breast cancer reconstruction surgery.
Breast forms can be used after surgery.
Older women with hats.
The most common genes known as BRCA1 and BRCA2.
Preventing breast cancer is done by lowering risks.
Photo of a DNA technician.

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

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