Managing and Living With Diabetes

Healthy carbs from fruits and high-fiber foods can form part of a sound diabetes diet.
Shedding some pounds can prevent some of the symptoms of diabetes.
Good sleep helps you keep off weight, stay active, and generally live healthier with diabetes.
Sticking to an exercise routine, or simply finding fun activities that keep you moving, are good for diabetes.
It is crucial to monitor your blood glucose levels daily.
Stress can drive up insulin resistance.
Avoid sodium to protect your kidneys and your keep your blood pressure low.
Watch out for heart disease, a potentially deadly side effect of diabetes.
Watch out for even minor cuts and scrapes, which heal slower for people with diabetes.
Smoking in addition to diabetes raises your risk of an early death.
Learn what foods to eat, and which ones you should limit or avoid.
Sickness can make diabetes worse.
Make sure you’re using your ketone strips regularly, and that they have not expired.
If your child has diabetes, work with school staff to keep him or her safe.
Diabetes can threaten your eye health, so visit the eye doctor regularly.
People with diabetes should take special precautions while traveling.
You need to pay attention to your thirst if your blood sugar is high.
Diabetes can dry out your skin.
See your doctor two to four months a year for diabetes management.

Diet & Weight Loss

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Diet and Weight Loss


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Diabetes Tips: Managing and Living With Diabetes

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