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Laboratory Procedures and Tests Q&A by Dr. Dr. Stöppler

My doctor just ordered a 24-hour urine test. Why is it necessary to collect my urine for 24 hours, when I normally just provide a single urine sample at the doctor's office?

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Dr. Stöppler.

With a background in Anatomic and Experimental Pathology and teaching of medical students and resident physicians, Dr. Stoppler is excited to be able to provide medical information for the public as a medical editor for, a WebMD company.

"The evolution of the field of molecular diagnostics has dramatically influenced the practice of pathology, enabling the precise genetic characterization of tumors and other illnesses," Dr. Stoppler says. "These genetic tests not only increase the accuracy of traditional pathologic diagnosis, but may also provide insights into the choice of therapies that will be most effective in a given situation."

In her free time Dr. Stoppler enjoys volunteering at her children's schools, reading, tennis, scuba diving and cooking.

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Last Editorial Review: 3/10/2008