Doctors Answer Lung Condition Questions

Last Editorial Review: 1/18/2018

Pulmonary doctors respond to questions about lung disease, cancer, and pneumonia

More often than not, conditions involving the lungs are serious. Whether you've been diagnosed with pneumonia, COPD, pleurisy, lung cancer or emphysema, you probably have a thousand questions. Is my pneumonia contagious? What are the stages of chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder? How do I manage my child's asthma? The pulmonary specialists and other doctors at have you covered. Below is a selection of burning questions from our users answered by our medical experts as part of our “Ask the Experts” feature.

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  • My husband has been diagnosed with Stage IV COPD, what does Stage IV indicate?
  • How long after you begin antibiotic treatment for pneumonia are you no longer contagious to other people?
  • What are calcified nodules in the lung?
  • I have had pleurisy three times in the last three months. Will a flu shot help my situation?
  • Could you please give me information on pericardial fat present on the lower left lung?
  • I have COPD. Recently I experienced a pneumothorax due to a prick from insertion of a port. Since returning home I have been experiencing lightheadedness and am very unstable when I try to walk or stand. I am also experiencing memory lapses. I was taken off my blood pressure meds by my treating physician, are these symptoms common?
  • What is pulmonary neuropathy?
  • What are the symptoms of respiratory distress?
  • My friends told me smoking cigarettes was less harmful to your lungs than smoking marijuana. Is this true? Is one really any better than the other?
  • Why does lung cancer spread so quickly, faster than a lot of other cancers?
  • I heard that you can still get lung cancer even if you stop smoking, is this true?
  • I'm 50 and in fairly good health, should I have a pneumonia shot?
  • Is air pollution really that bad for your lungs?

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