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Menopause Q&A by Dr. Stöppler

I am a man, and I would like to know if all women go through menopause. My sister says that all women go through menopause. Please let me know if this is true.

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Dr. Stöppler

Dr. Melissa Stöppler serves on the Medical Editorial Board of In the Ask the Experts section, Dr. Stöppler hopes to bring you concise and accurate answers to your pressing questions about women's health. As a woman and mother of three children Dr. Stöppler has both a personal and professional interest in the area of women's health and is enthusiastic that more and more women are seeking information online about health and medical conditions.

"The availability of health information on the Internet has changed the scope of physician-patient interactions and brought about a new era of patient education and empowerment," Dr. Stöppler says. "No longer are individuals exclusively dependent upon the information they receive at doctor visits or forced to access medical libraries for information about specific conditions or health topics in general."

Providing medical information that is readily available to the public in an understandable and accessible environment is what Dr. Stöppler finds most rewarding about her role as a patient educator.

In her free time Dr. Stöppler enjoys volunteering at her children's schools, reading, tennis, scuba diving and cooking.

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Last Editorial Review: 1/3/2007