Doctors Answer Digestion Questions

Last Editorial Review: 1/17/2018

Ask the experts about stomach and digestive problems

Not sure why you keep getting stomach cramps? Do you have to change your diet after gallbladder surgery? What could be causing your constipation? Whether you have questions about colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, heartburn, or other gastrointestinal issues, the doctors at have you covered. Below is a selection of burning questions from our users answered by our medical experts as part of our “Ask the Experts” feature.

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  • What is a contracted gallbladder?
  • Is it correct that the hepatitis C virus cannot survive for more than two hours outside the human body?
  • I have had my gallbladder removed, and subsequently, I have chronic severe diarrhea, is there any treatment for the diarrhea?
  • I am wondering if exercise will help with a hiatal hernia? I am also curious if alcohol or tobacco has any effects on (pantoprazole) Protonix?
  • Can it be harmful to take too many Tums or other antacids?
  • Is there any contraindication in administering a Helicobacter pylori urea breath test to a pregnant women?
  • Does stress affect IBS (make it worse)?
  • Does IBS lead to Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis?
  • I have an enlarged spleen with varices and I would like to know if this is something I should worry about.
  • Can stress cause diarrhea or constipation?
  • What kind of medical specialist would you see to treat hepatitis C?
  • Why does the stomach "growl" or make noises?
  • I have a problem in regard to my spleen (or I should say "spleens"), because I have an extra spleen. Doctors call it (an accessory spleen). Should I be concerned about this extra spleen?
  • What kinds of food should be avoided in trying to control the symptoms of GERD?
  • My sister had her gallblader removed recently. What kind of diet will she need to follow; and will she now be at greater risk for heart disease?
  • Is it necessary to conduct a culture of feces or vomit in order to determine that a patient suffers from food poisoning?
  • Can you please tell me if you have heard of the condition cryptitis? Is this associated with colitis?
  • When I've tried to put extra fiber in my diet, my gas level gets even worse. Is there a product that will help increase fiber but not increase gas?

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