Are Childbirth Classes Really Necessary?

Make sure you always register for a class conducted by certified personnel.
Make sure you always register for a class conducted by certified personnel.

Childbirth is one of the most important and life-changing phases in a couple’s life, particularly in a woman’s life. To learn about the challenges of childbirth and ways to deal with them, there are childbirth classes. Make sure you always register for a class conducted by certified personnel. Here are the top seven reasons why childbirth classes are necessary after you get pregnant:

  • You will come to know about the processes that are involved in giving birth to a child.
  • You can reduce your fears and worries by getting your doubts addressed in the classes. You can get many of the myths and facts cleared from the certified childbirth educators.
  • Research suggests that people who attend the childbirth classes are less likely to have mental stress than those who didn't.
  • The childbirth classes allow you to connect with your partner or spouse during the sessions. This connection acts as a support system throughout the entire journey of childbirth.
  • Childbirth classes help you cope with the painful contractions during childbirth. You are taught relaxation techniques, visualization techniques, and given knowledge about pain treatments (such as an epidural block) used during delivery.
  • Childbirth classes teach you how doctors perform the delivery, what are the different ways in which childbirth may happen, and what are the possible complications involved.
  • You will also brush up your knowledge of new-born care through topics on breastfeeding, diapering, and bathing.

When should you start taking the class?

It is advisable to register early for a childbirth class as the childbirth classes get filled up early.

Childbirth classes can be taken

  • In the last trimester of pregnancy (most recommended).
  • A few days before you go into labor.
  • Throughout the pregnancy (can help you prepare well in advance).

What are the different types of childbirth classes?

Different types of classes cover a variety of topics and teach you skills regarding childbirth. Some are refresher courses whereas some deal with in-depth knowledge regarding different kinds of birth, such as:

  • C-section
  • Vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC)
  • Multiple births (twins, triplets, and so on)

Some classes also teach you hypnobirthing, which is a technique that teaches you how to hypnotize yourself to achieve a painless and comfortable delivery.

There are two broad methods taught in childbirth classes. These are Lamaze and Bradley. Talk with your healthcare provider to decide about the type of method suitable for you. A childbirth class is generally focused on one of the two methods.

How can you find a childbirth class?

There are various ways through which you can take childbirth classes. They are:

  • Most hospitals
  • Birthing centers
  • Online videos
  • Special DVDs

You can ask your healthcare provider, a representative from your medical insurance plan, or any new parents in your family, amongst your friends, or colleagues to know about childbirth classes in your area.


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