Workouts Not Working? Try These Exercises

A man looking exhausted after workout.
A woman doing lat pulldown behind the head.
A trainer using pull-down machine.
A man training with weights in fitness center.
A trainer demonstrating a military press.
A woman doing upright row with weights
A trainer showing lateral shoulder raise.
A man doing a leg press with knees bent too deeply.
A trainer showing proper position on a leg press.
A woman doing squats on a Smith machine.
A trainer showing proper form for squats.
A woman leaning on treadmill with head bent.
A woman working out on an elliptical machine.
A woman trying to put on too tight clothes.
A woman using a chest press machine at the gym.
A man tightening a weight belt at the gym.
A pair of canvas high-top sneakers.
A woman putting on gym shoes in the locker room.

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Reviewed by Ross Brakeville, DPT on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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