7 Health Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Medically Reviewed on 6/23/2022
7 Health Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice
Aloe vera juice is known for health benefits such as reducing inflammation and boosting skin hydration

Aloe vera has been used in traditional medicines and tonics for years, known for health benefits such as reducing inflammation and boosting skin hydration.

Aloe vera can be blended with water to make aloe vera juice, which you can drink to get the benefit of nutrients and antioxidants that can help lower the risk of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer.

What is the nutritional value of aloe vera juice?

Aloe vera juice is rich in the following:

7 health benefits of aloe vera juice

Drinking aloe vera juice every day has several health benefits:

  1. Improves poor digestion, constipation, acidity, and gas
  2. Helps with weight loss
  3. Flushes out toxins from the body
  4. Promotes skin clarity (topical application also helps with burns and scars)
  5. May improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
  6. Speeds up healing for herpes sores
  7. Good for nerve and muscle function (rich in magnesium)

Aloe vera juice should be consumed on an empty stomach or combined with a glass of water to thin its consistency. You can try mixing equal amounts of aloe vera juice with basil, amla (Indian gooseberry), giloy (heart-leaved moonseed), or bitter gourd juice along with a glass of water to get maximum health benefits.

Are there side effects of drinking aloe vera juice every day?

It is best to start with a small shot of juice and gradually increase the amount and frequency. Excessive intake of aloe vera juice may cause some side effects, such as:

Limiting aloe vera juice intake to 30 mL three times a day allows you to reap the health benefits while minimizing the potential side effects. Start small and see if you can tolerate the juice, especially on an empty stomach. Make sure to obtain aloe vera juice from reliable sources.

Who should avoid drinking aloe vera juice?

You may need to avoid drinking aloe vera juice if you have one of the following conditions:


According to the USDA, there is no difference between a “portion” and a “serving.” See Answer

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Medically Reviewed on 6/23/2022
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