30 Healthy Snacks That are Good for Toddlers

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Medically Reviewed on 7/28/2022

Popcorn to fruit smoothie

Healthy snacks boost your toddler's nutritional intake and also satisfy their palate. Healthy snacks that are good for toddlers include popcorn, fruit smoothies, avocados, and other foods.
Healthy snacks boost your toddler's nutritional intake and also satisfy their palate. Healthy snacks that are good for toddlers include popcorn, fruit smoothies, avocados, and other foods.

Many parents worry that their toddlers might not be eating enough. While some toddlers eat too slowly, others might be picky eaters. Most of them don't eat enough in a single sitting. However, they need a variety of nutrients for proper growth.

That's where healthy snacks come in. They boost your toddler's nutritional intake and also satisfy their palate. Here are some snacks toddlers can be fed to balance out their uneven diets. 

1. Popcorn

While some parents might consider it junk food, popcorn can be a healthy snack for toddlers. It's a whole grain food and is low in calories. You can also add some healthy toppings, like butter.

2. Celery

Feeding your child vegetables early on will help them develop a taste for them. Celery is a good option as it's low in calories and has high water content.

You can also put raisins and peanut butter on celery sticks to make them more palatable for your toddler.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein, both of which are essential for toddlers. It's also a good source of probiotics, which are suitable for gut health.

4. Veggie pita pocket

The best way to get your toddler to eat vegetables is to make them fun and exciting. A veggie pita pocket is a great way to do that. Stuff a whole-wheat pita with shredded carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

You can also add a little bit of cheese or hummus for flavor.

5. Hummus

Hummus is a nutritious dip made from chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. It's a good source of protein and fiber.

You can use it as a dip for vegetables or as a spread for whole-wheat bread.

6. Fruit smoothie

Fruits pack many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can make a fruit smoothie using any combination of fruits. Blend them with some water or milk and serve. You could even add a little bit of yogurt to make it creamier.

Avocado to cheese sticks

7. Avocado

Avocados are loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins. They help improve digestion, lower cholesterol levels, and protect the heart. You could give your toddler avocado slices or spread some avocado on whole-wheat toast.

8. Sweet potato fries

Kids love fried foods. However, you can make a healthier version of fries at home using sweet potatoes. Cut them into thin strips, drizzle with olive oil, and bake them.

9. Hard-boiled egg

Eggs are a healthy source of protein and essential nutrients. In addition, they help boost metabolism, improve vision, and strengthen bones. You can give your toddler a hard-boiled egg as is or add it to a salad or sandwich.

10. Oatmeal

Besides being a healthy breakfast option, oatmeal can also make a great snack for toddlers. It's rich in fiber and minerals, such as iron and magnesium.

Adding some fruits or nuts can make oatmeal more interesting for your toddler.

11. Cottage cheese

Cheese is not just for adults. Since cottage cheese is a rich vitamin B12 and selenium source, it's a good snack option for toddlers. Vitamin B12 ensures proper brain development and growth in children.

12. Cheese sticks

Cheese is rich in calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth. Give your toddler cheese sticks or cubes as a snack.

Pickles to Fruit Leather

13. Pickles

Try giving your toddler pickles instead of chips the next time they're looking for something crunchy to eat.

14. Kale chips

Alternatively, you can make kale chips at home. Kale is a nutrient-rich leafy green full of vitamins and antioxidants.

15. Nut butter

Take a sandwich cracker and spread some nut butter on it. Peanut butter and almond butter are healthy sources of protein and healthy fats.

16. Cucumber slices

Cucumbers are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. They're also low in calories and full of water, making them a perfect snack for toddlers. You could give your toddler cucumber slices with some hummus or yogurt dip.

17. Trail mix

Trail mix is a healthy snack option for toddlers as it contains various nutrients. For example, nuts and seeds are good sources of healthy fats, while dried fruits provide vitamins and minerals.

Make sure to choose a trail mix that doesn't have too much sugar. Alternatively, you can make your own at home with whole-grain cereal, dried fruit, and mixed nuts.

18. Fruit leather

Fruit leather is a healthy and easy-to-make snack. Blend some fruits and spread the puree onto a baking sheet. Bake it till it's dry, and roll it up.


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Guacamole to frozen fruit popsicles

19. Guacamole on a whole wheat tortilla

Guacamole is a healthy dip made from avocado, tomato, onion, and lime juice. You could give your toddler whole wheat tortilla chips or a whole wheat tortilla wrap with guacamole.

20. Homemade pita chips

You can make pita chips at home by cutting pita bread into thin strips and baking them. Serve with hummus or any other dip of your choice.

21. Greek yogurt on whole-wheat crackers 

Greek yogurt is a healthy snack for toddlers as it's packed with protein and calcium. Of course, you could add some fruits or honey to sweeten it up.

22. Olives

Olives are a healthy snack for toddlers and are full of antioxidants and healthy fats. You could give your toddler olives as is or add them to a sandwich.

23. Frozen fruit popsicles

Nothing makes a hot day better than a cold, refreshing popsicle. You could make fruit popsicles at home using fresh fruits and yogurt.

Nuts to mini egg muffins

24. Nuts

Nuts are rich in fiber and fats. They also contain antioxidants that can help boost your toddler's immune system. Besides, they provide "good" fats to your toddler. 

Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are all good options. Chop them into small pieces to avoid choking hazards.

25. Vegetable soup

You could make a healthy vegetable soup using any combination of vegetables. Add some chicken or beef broth and some herbs and spices for flavor.

26. Soft granola bars

Make soft granola bars using oats, honey, and peanut butter. You could also add some chocolate chips or dried fruits for extra flavor.

27. Baked oatmeal balls with carrots and blueberries

If you want to combine a few healthy snacks into one, then baked oatmeal balls are perfect. Simply mix some oats, carrots, blueberries, and honey. Roll them into balls and bake.

28. Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They're also low in sugar, making them a good snack option for toddlers. Strawberries and raspberries are also good options

29. Frozen banana bites

Take some ripe bananas and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Dip them in melted chocolate and freeze. These are perfect daytime snacks.

30. Mini egg muffins

Mini egg muffins are perfect if your toddler is a fan of eggs. You can make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge. Whisk together some eggs, add chopped vegetables, and bake.

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Medically Reviewed on 7/28/2022

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