3-Day Juice Cleanse: Signs of Successful Liver Detox

Medically Reviewed on 3/8/2022
3-Day Juice Cleanse: Signs of Successful Liver Detox
The 3-day juice cleanse is intended to detoxify the liver. Learn about juice cleanse claims, potential benefits, and side effects

The 3-day juice cleanse is intended to eliminate toxins and nourish the body with nutrients that can help it repair itself. The goal is to give your digestive system a break from having to process solid foods and allow it time to rejuvenate. Learn about juice cleanse claims, potential benefits, and side effects.

What is the 3-day juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse, often called a juice fast, is a detox diet that involves drinking only raw vegetable and fruit juice for 3 days. According to juice cleanse advocates, the diet fills the body with phytonutrients and antioxidants, protecting the body from free radical damage and eliminating toxins. No solid food is eaten while doing a juice cleanse.

Juice cleanse proponents claim that it helps promote your body's natural detox processes by removing sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and other energy-depleting elements from the diet. However, there is no conclusive research to back up these assertions.

What is the purpose of the 3-day juice cleanse?

Your body is constantly exposed to toxins that can take a toll on your body. Fortunately, your liver is a built-in detoxification system that helps rid your body of unhealthy substances. A healthy liver—which is responsible for metabolizing food, fighting infection, regulating hormones, and storing energy—is capable of cleansing itself. 

However, toxin buildup can harm liver function over time. This is why in recent years, the concept of detoxifying the liver with juices and cleanses has gained popularity. Many claim that remedies such as the 3-day juice cleanse improved their overall health, including liver health.

How is the 3-day liver cleanse juice diet done?

The 3-day detox juice cleanse involves consuming only blended juices and water for 3 days. The goal is to give the liver and digestive system a chance to detox. In general, the following steps are taken in a specific order:

You can add stevia, flaxseeds, and almond butter to enhance the taste and additional properties of the drinks. You are also encouraged to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

What are the potential benefits of the 3-day juice cleanse?

  • Less strain on the liver: As the diet is low in protein, the liver does not have to work as hard to break down food.
  • Rejuvenates the digestive system: Since juice contents are liquefied, pulverized, and pureed, the juice cleanse is easier on the digestive system and gives it a chance to rest and recharge, improving intestinal health and digestive processes.
  • Boosts energy: Nutrients in a cold-pressed juice can provide hydration and nutrients that can boost energy and mental clarity. 
  • Temporary weight loss: Many have claimed that they lost a few pounds after the 3-day liver cleanse juice program. However, any weight lost during a juice cleanse will almost certainly be regained once normal eating habits are resumed.
  • Other potential benefits:


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What are signs of a successful detox?

  • More energy: Removing toxin buildup in your body can make you feel energized. During the early stages of detoxification, avoiding processed foods, added sugar, and caffeine and replacing them with healthier foods can boost energy levels.
  • Reduced inflammation: The anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties of cleanse juices help remove inflammation caused by toxin buildup in the tissues. With reduced inflammation, discomfort in the muscles and joints may be relieved.
  • Improved digestion: Since the digestive has time to rest and clean itself, it can help your body absorb nutrients better and reduce uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, gas, and nausea caused by improper digestion.
  • Improved skin health: Toxins in the body combined with stress can cause skin problems such as acne, dryness, or oiliness. Proper hydration and flushing out extra pollutants, such as free radicals and heavy metals, can result in clearer skin.
  • Elevated mood: Improving your physical health may also help improve mental health. Detoxification may promote better sleep, which helps to eliminate toxins from the brain and promotes a more positive mood.

What to keep in mind with juice detoxes

  • You should not continue a cleanse for prolonged periods of time because it can cause more toxin buildup in the body.
  • Your body may react differently to the sudden lack of solid foods.
  • It is crucial to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • You may suffer from sugar cravings.
  • You may feel a bit dizzy initially.
  • Tissue damage due to a protein deficiency diet is a common side effect.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise while on cleanse juices.
  • Avoid detox cleanses if you suffer from chronic kidney disease, diabetes, or other heart or liver issues, as the diet may lead to complications.
  • The FDA does not regulate supplements or products used for detox.

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Medically Reviewed on 3/8/2022
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