Weird Body Quirks Pictures

Photo of a girl having a brain freeze from ice cream.
Photo of a man excessively sweating.
Photo of a man feeling dizzy and disoriented.
Photo of a man feeling sharp pains in his arm.
Photo of a woman drinking water upside down to try to cure her hiccups.
When your tonsils bring home unwanted guests: white lumps in the tonsil pocket.
Photo of a boy equalizing the pressure in his ears.
Photo of a woman pulling her muscle to relieve a charley horse.
Photo of a woman cleaning her ear with a cotton swab.
Photo of a black hairy tongue.
Photo of a man trying to stop his eye from twitching.
Photo of a man hiding his overdeveloped breasts.
Photo of a woman with dark circles around her eyes.
Photograph of Frida Kahlo.
Photo of a discolored nail.
Photograph of comedian W.C. Fields.
Photo of a woman touching her canker sore.

Sinusitis (Sinus Infection)

Black Widow vs. Brown Recluse

Grocery Smarts


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