Weight Control and Smoking Cessation

Quick GuideHow to Quit Smoking Without Weight Gain

How to Quit Smoking Without Weight Gain

Consider getting professional advice about weight control

You may find it easier to control your weight with the help of a health professional. Ask your health care provider if there is a weight-management program in your area. Also, consider speaking with a registered dietitian, nutritionist, personal trainer, or exercise professional about becoming physically active and adopting a healthy eating plan. You may need to contact your health insurer to make sure weight-management services are covered by your plan.

Will weight gain hurt my health?

Although gaining weight is not desired after you stop smoking, keep in mind that the overall health benefits of quitting outweigh the health risks of weight gain.

Health Risks of Smoking

  • Cancer. Smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Smoking is also linked to cancer of the esophagus, larynx, kidney, pancreas, and cervix.
  • Other health problems. Smoking increases the risk of lung disease and heart disease. In pregnant women, smoking is linked to premature birth, babies with low birth weight, and delivery complications

By quitting smoking, you are taking a big step to improve your health. Instead of worrying about weight gain, focus on quitting. Once you are tobacco-free, you can work toward having a healthy weight for life by becoming more physically active and choosing healthier foods.

SOURCE: Weight-control Information Network, National Institutes of Health. You Can Control Your Weight as You Quit Smoking.

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