ustekinumab, Stelara (cont.)

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DOSING: Ustekinumab is injected under the skin.

  • Patients weighing <100 kg (220 lbs) should receive 45 mg initially, 45 mg 4 weeks later then 45 mg every 12 weeks.
  • Patients weighing >100 kg (220 lbs) should receive 90 mg initially, 90 mg 4 weeks later then 90 mg every 12 weeks.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Drug interaction studies have not been conducted with ustekinumab; however, since ustekinumab suppresses the immune system, it should not be used with other drugs that also suppress the immune system.

Live vaccines should not be administered to patients treated with ustekinumab because they may develop active disease from the live viruses contained in the vaccine because of their weakened immune system. Vaccine containing killed virus may not generate an adequate immune response because ustekinumab suppresses the immune system.

PREGNANCY: Use of ustekinumab during pregnancy has not been evaluated.

NURSING MOTHERS: Use of ustekinumab by nursing mothers has not been adequately evaluated. Other proteins similar to ustekinumab are excreted in human milk. Therefore, ustekinumab may be excreted in human milk.

SIDE EFFECTS: The most common side effects of ustekinumab are tiredness, upper respiratory tract infections, and headaches. Ustekinumab may reduce the ability the immune system to fight infections, increasing the risk of infections such as tuberculosis (TB), and infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Ustekinumab also may increase the risk of certain types of cancer and cause posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome (RPLS). RPLS is a rare condition that affects the brain and can cause death. The cause is unknown but if detected early and treated, most people recover. Symptoms may include headache, seizures, confusion, and vision problems.

REFERENCE: Stelara Prescribing Information, September 2009

Last Editorial Review: 1/5/2010 1:02:46 PM

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