Ulcerative Colitis Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Photo of Ulcerative Colitis X-ray.
Photo view of colonoscopy.
Photo of a person’s feet on a scale.
Photo of man with sore neck.
Scope view of an inflamed colon.
Photo of a subway station platform.
Photo of SEM of ulcerative colitis.
A doctor looking at a monitor screen while performing colonoscopy.
Photo of burning matches.
Photo of IV in hospital room.
Endoscopic view of colon cancer.
Photo of hip X-ray.
Photo of aspirin tablet.
Photo of a patient with an IV in the arm.
Photo of whipworm egg micrograph.
Photo of surgeons in an operating room.
Photo of sick child.
Photo of woman stretching.
An assortment of cheeses.
Photo of supplements in bottle.
Photo of strawberry yogurt.
Photo of pouring water into glass.
Photo of couple holding hands at dinner.
Photo of rental car sign.

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Ulcerative Colitis Pictures Slideshow: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

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