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For ulcerative colitis, what were the symptoms and signs you experienced?

Published: July 07

I have had UC for 8 years, seems to be getting harder to treat. I have run the gambit of drugs, the only thing working now is prednisone, I am tapering down to 20 mg with little problem. Hate the side effects, extra 15 lbs, facial puffiness, hump in the upper back area, swelling of feet and ankles. The next step will be Imodium. The only thing that makes it bearable is a great doctor and a wonderful understanding husband. Good luck to all who have the UC curse.

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Published: June 27

I have had ulcerative colitis for over a decade now. First symptoms were uncontrollable diarrhea, bloody stools and mucus. I thought I was dying. My doctor put me on Azulfidine at that time. I barely have any symptoms at all now. I stopped eating dairy!! That did half of the trick. I can have some dairy now. Less refined the better. So, diet, exercise and Azulfidine have made me almost totally free of symptoms for over many years now. I am down to 500mg once a day.

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Published: June 25

I have suffered for a year with mucus, bleeding and consistent loose stools, I have to manually remove, as I think prolonged spasms have tired my muscles so much I think my bowel has given up! I have the runs for hours, then nothing for days but cramps, not knowing when I'd next need to go, I now don't know when I have to go, I don't have any feeling in my anus, apart from back ache and pressure, I don't get the urge to go, until I have sat for an hour or so, then the spasms come, and I'm crippled, long afterwards, this has effected me so much in a personal and hygienic way, my working life too, although I'm lucky enough to live close to work, I now have to visit home regularly, to sort myself out or I'll be in utter agony for the day, and if I don't, by the time I get home, I'm ready for vomiting, I cant eat right, as soon I start to, I feel full, and then the cramps come again. I have just come from the specialist today after the doctor finally referring me and changing his mind to me having constipation, the specialist thinks I have colitis, (I have pain left and right and in my diaphragm constantly still with the bleeding and mucus). I'm booked to have a camera in two weeks and a biopsy, but feel I can't wait that long, it's so scary and painful.

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Published: June 16

I have had Ulcerative Colitis since 1997. The longest time I have been in remission since then is three months. I have continual bleeding, mucus, and abdominal pain. This can come at any time during the day or night. It has now limited my life as I don't want to leave the house in case of an emergency. The only medication I can take is prednisone, which is now not working due to the continual use over the last 11 years. I am now looking at have my large bowel removed and having a j-pouch created to hopefully get a better life.

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Published: June 12

I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis since 1997. I have been on Salazopyrin with a course of prednisone and also Asacol enema. I've already had 5 colonoscopy's. On the 3 June i was admitted to hospital with another flare up. I am now on Asacol tablets for the past 2 weeks but my problem continues. I have bloody diarrhea with mucus. I have learnt that I got to live with it.

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Published: June 10

I've been experiencing bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, and nausea for a year now. I was originally diagnosed with non-specific pan colitis and now know that I have severe ulcerative colitis affecting the entire colon. Asacol/Sulfasalazine combined with Prednisone failed to take control of my symptoms and 6-MP has been to slow to take effect while the Prednisone is tapered down. I am currently awaiting surgery and, despite 40mg Prednisone/day, I am still having 10-16 loose bowel movements a day. It affects my sleep, my eating habits, and, whether from the Prednisone or the pain has made me largely unable to deal with the normal stresses of life (someone cutting me off on the road, etc).

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Published: June 02

I have had ulcerative colitis since 2000. It makes life quite difficult at times. No one knows what you go through with this disease. For about the first year, I had a lot of pain, bloody stools, and diarrhea. For the last few years, I just have severe pain in the left side of my abdomen. Last time I had a colonoscopy, my doctor said that everything looked "good," but the pain continues unexpectedly.

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