Typhoid vaccine live oral Ty21a, Vivotif

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GENERIC NAME: Typhoid vaccine live oral Ty21a


DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Typhoid vaccine is a live attenuated (weakened) oral typhoid vaccine. Typhoid disease is caused by ingestion of Salmonella typhi strains from contaminated food or water. Active immunity from vaccine is occurs when the body produces antibodies to typhoid in response to the weakened typhoid bacteria in the vaccine. Oral typhoid vaccine produces a local response in the intestines, boosting immunity.



PREPARATIONS: Typhoid vaccine is an enteric-coated capsule, containing viable and non-viable strains of Salmonella typhi Ty21a. It is available in a blister package of 4 capsules.

STORAGE: Store typhoid vaccine capsules between 2 C to 8 C (35.6 F to 46.4 F).

PRESCRIBED FOR: Typhoid vaccine is used for protection against typhoid fever in individuals 6 years of age and older who are travelers to areas which have a recognized risk of exposure to Salmonella typhi, or have intimate exposure (for example, household members) to a Salmonella typhi carrier or are microbiology laboratory employees who work frequently with Salmonella typhi.

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