Type 2 Diabetes (cont.)

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What are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes?

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Type 2 diabetes develops gradually, over years, so the symptoms can be subtle things people think they just have to live with. Being overweight or obese is the major symptom, but not everyone with type 2 diabetes will be overweight. In fact, weight loss can be a symptom. Other symptoms include

  • fatigue,
  • frequent urination,
  • excess thirst,
  • blurry or cloudy vision,
  • wounds that won't heal,
  • tingling or numbness in the feet,
  • erectile dysfunction (ED), and
  • dark skin under the armpits and groin.

How is type 2 diabetes diagnosed?

Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed with a blood test. The blood is tested for glucose and if it is greater than 125 fasting, or more than 200 when randomly tested, the diagnosis is diabetes If the fasting blood sugar is between 100-125, the person has pre-diabetes.

Tests also can measure average blood sugar over time. A hemoglobin 1c (HbA1c) test greater than 6.5% indicates diabetes.

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