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Medications are used to manage a variety of conditions. Our doctors have compiled a list of ailments that the medication triptorelin depot suspension-injectable may be used to treat or manage.

  • Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is an uncontrolled (malignant) growth of cells in the prostate gland. Prostate cancer is the second leading...learn more »
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    Prostate Cancer Article
    • Prostate cancer facts
    • What is the prostate gland?
    • What is prostate cancer?
    • Why is prostate cancer important?
    • What are prostate cancer causes?
    • What are prostate cancer symptoms and signs?
    • What are the screening tests for prostate cancer?
    • What are false positive elevations in the PSA test?
    • What refinements have been made in the PSA test?
    • How is prostate cancer diagnosed and graded?
    • How is the staging of prostate cancer done?
    • What are the treatment options for prostate cancer?
    • What about prostate cancer surgery?
    • What about radiation therapy for prostate cancer?
    • What about hormonal treatment for prostate cancer?
    • What is cryotherapy for prostate cancer?
    • What is HIFU for prostate cancer?
    • What is chemotherapy for prostate cancer?
    • What are the differences between hormonal treatment and chemotherapy?
    • What about herbal or other alternative medicine treatments for prostate cancer?
    • What is active surveillance for prostate cancer?
    • Can prostate cancer be prevented?
    • What will be the future treatments for prostate cancer?
    • Controversy in prostate cancer today


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