Treating the Flu In People With Health Risks (cont.)

How long should antiviral drugs be taken?

To treat flu, Tamiflu® and Relenza® are usually taken for 5 days, although people hospitalized with the flu may need the medicine for longer than 5 days.

Can children and pregnant women take antiviral drugs?

Yes. Children and pregnant women can take antiviral drugs.

Who should take antiviral drugs?

It's very important that antiviral drugs be used early to treat the flu in:

  • People who are very sick with the flu (for example, people who are in the hospital).
  • People who are sick with the flu and have a high-risk health condition like asthma, diabetes or chronic heart disease. (See below for full list of high risk conditions).

What are the health and age factors that are known to increase a person's risk of getting serious complications from the flu?

Other people at high risk from the flu:

SOURCE: Treating Influlenza (Flu)

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