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What is the prognosis for a toothache?

For the most part, the prognosis is good for a toothache. In this era of modern dental care, a dental problem can quickly be identified and effectively treated. The outcome is best when it is treated as early as possible to avoid further damage or risk of spreading infection.

Can a toothache be prevented?

Conscientious efforts to practice good oral hygiene go a long way in preventing dental problems. Furthermore, regular maintenance visits with a dental professional can serve to keep things in check. Small cavities can be found before turning into larger cavities or an abscessed tooth. Gum problems can be addressed before advancing to a more diseased state.

Additionally, avoid the habit of chewing on ice or very hard foods that can cause tooth fractures. Be mindful of acidity in beverages as this can be a source of sensitivity for teeth as well.


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