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Comment from: Arubabound, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 05

This site has been tremendously helpful to me in preparing for my tonsillectomy and so I wanted to try and pay it forward for anyone on here who is contemplating a tonsillectomy. I had mine done on Friday, 5/30 via a technique called tissue welding (I have not seen anyone mention this method on here), and am very happy to report/share a great result as far as recovery. So today is my 5th day (counting surgery day). I have not needed to take the prescribed pain medication since yesterday. (I probably could've done with just the OTC pain medications yesterday too, but not having a high pain tolerance level, did not want to chance it). As of right now, pain is very tolerable, basically non-existent when not agitated and a slight sore throat level after swallowing several times. No bleeding and no pain anywhere else other than the site. I had learned of the tissue welding method in researching alternative methods to the traditional (hard to recover from) procedure. You can find information on it by googling tissue welding tonsillectomy. The tough part (at least in the part of the country I'm in, NY/NJ area) is finding a doctor that uses it. I have gone directly to the manufacturer of the equipment used in it, Microline Surgical, to find a doctor (the closest one to me happened to be 3 hours away). No matter what method you go for, keeping up with drinking water (starting right after procedure and through the night, iced although harder to swallow, it brings down swelling, so make yourself), and stocking up on those Ramen noodle soups and eggs (for scrambled eggs) that everyone talks about is definitely the way to go. Good luck to all!

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Comment from: _Gunz72, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: June 04

So it"s day 5 after tonsillectomy and it"s been super easy so far. Day 1- 3 was when I had the most pain but I would say a 5 at most and then day 4 and today there is almost no pain and I"m hoping it stays like this. One thing is my uvula is huge and it"s like there"s a coating around my mouth and it"s like stringy spit when I wipe it. I have been sipping Gatorade and ice water since the end of my surgery and honestly think that"s why I"m not experiencing pain now. Also the last today I"ve had real scratchy feeling in my throat, it would make my eyes water and would make me cough.

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Comment from: zayda, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

I am on day 6. This is not an easy surgery people. I have a history of getting really sick from any pain medications and this time was no exception. Day 2 I was throwing up which was probably the worst part for me so far. All of my jaw and mouth muscles including my tongue were very sore. I stopped taking my prescription medicines and finally started to feel a little better. Throat pain was bad but I have struggled with chronic tonsillitis for quite a few years, so this was not new. Day 4 was not fun as I developed some dehydration and got severely nauseated with vomiting for several hours during the night resulting in a trip to the hospital. Do not let yourself get dehydrated. At this point my throat was not my concern but instead my whole body began to feel horrible and I had never in my bad health experiences felt that nauseated. After that had finally passed, my throat pain worsened but I could keep some popsicles down and I took some regular Tylenol which seemed to help with pain and swallowing. By day 5 I was eating things like macaroni and cheese and cold foods that helped keep my swelling and pain under control. But the taste... and my breath! The scabs that will form in the back of your mouth taste horrible. And brushing your teeth will not help you. This will disappear as the scabs do but beware, it's freaking nasty. So the tips and other warnings I have so far for any of you poor souls who also have to endure this, would be to stay hydrated. I would rather deal with the pain than get nauseated, vomiting and dry heaving is not fun. So if you are like me and react bad to pain killers, don't overdo it and try to use only simple Tylenol if you can. The pain sucks but trust me puking is worse. Your tongue is going to hurt. All of the muscles in your mouth and maybe neck are going to be really sore. Just take it easy, take some Tylenol and stay relaxed. Tensing up makes it worse. Milk products will make you phlegmy. Which is probably going to be ok in moderation but just to let you know, it hurts to have to cough up that gross stuff. So it would be in your best interest if you didn't have to do that. Get lots of sleep. And you will be hungry and miss real food. All I want right now is a pizza and all of you others will know how I feel. Just try to ask your friends not to eat their delicious turkey dinner or burger in front of you because it hurts in its own hunger pain way too. We all heal and feel at our own pace. Just relax and know that this pain is temporary, but it won't be easy. If you have any concerns you should contact your doctor especially if you are bleeding. Small amounts of blood here and there will be okay as long as it is not continual. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Comment from: English girl, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

I had my tonsils removed on 20th May 2014. I"m 20 years old never had an operation before so I had a lot of anxiety. I have anxiety issues anyway so before they put me under, I had a high heart rate. The surgeon told me in recovery it went to 150. He said I"m okay but it made me panic even more! I got sent back up to my ward, they said drink when I"m ready. I felt okay, tired but I had morphine and an anti-sickness injection so I was the lucky one who never threw up. It was sore mainly on my left tonsil because it was always the biggest. The surgeons said mine where huge! So I"m kind of glad they're gone. I"m currently on day 5, it"s very hard to swallow, feels like broken glass. I have tried soup, yogurts, and toast sandwiches, and I"ve managed to eat them but really small bites and slowly! I had to go the doctor yesterday because I couldn"t eat or drink a thing so he prescribed me antibiotics (liquid) which was easier for me but I have been taking pills for the pain. I thought it would be painful but not this much! Soon as I wake up I"m in agony, throughout the day my jaw, ears, and neck really ache. I"ve never experienced pain like it! I"ve been using a hot water bottle under my ear just to soothe it and it does help but I know it should be ice packs but the heat works for me! I have also noticed a lot of saliva in my mouth. Even swallowing that hurts! I have been looking up website forums for this sort of thing, so thought I would post my own. I hope I start feeling better soon. I"m starving and I"m craving so many different foods! People have said don"t sneeze or cough, etc. I have coughed and sneezed and yes, I"m fine. Hope you all get better soon and have a good recovery. It"s possibly a bad couple of weeks now but I"m sure it"s for the best because you"ll never get tonsillitis again! Also I feel like I can breathe a lot better since there gone!

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