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Please describe your experience with tonsillectomy.

Comment from: Taylor, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: November 19

Day 1 to 3 after tonsillectomy are difficult because you're so clogged up and swollen. Also you're still getting rid of the drugs from surgery, your uvula will be swollen so sleeping will be difficult. I woke up with massive night sweats on these three nights. By day 3, I still couldn't eat anything. Eating something and swallowing that often was like torturing myself. Easily a 10/10 pain eating. Day 4 to 6 I seemed to get better. Pain subsided, I was able to drink well and eat soft things on these days. I stopped taking morphine on day 5. Day 6 and 7 were bad again. I felt like I have open cuts on the back on my tongue. The roof of my mouth is in excruciating pain, my ears are throbbing and are very sensitive to noise. I cannot talk again and my throat gets dry very quickly. Tomorrow is day 8. If you want some advice, do the following from day one. Gargle gently twice a day with warm salt water. Sleep with a humidifier. Don't talk. Keep your mouth closed as long as you can. Constantly drink water. Literally all the time. Just sip. Don't try and look at your throat. All the best.

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Comment from: annamaria, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 13

I suffered from tonsil stones for around two years. I was fed up of chewing gum, not being able to speak to anyone up close, and not kissing, so I had my tonsils taken out a week ago today. Yesterday was my worst day. Pain under my ears and on the roof of my mouth inside was excruciating. But it can be controlled if you take your medicines religiously. It does seem like a lot of medicines on an empty stomach but I am taking them. Day one I stayed overnight in the clinic, mainly slept and threw up brown blood; not much pain but I was on a drip of pain medicines and antibiotics. Day two I came home, and not much pain. I was sipping water all day and alarm clock on every 4 hours for pain medicines; I take Panadol extra. On day three and four I started eating toast, mash, had a bite of burger I was so hungry, and was feeling good. I was still on pain medicines religiously. Day five pain started getting worse. I looked in my mouth also and was grossed out; white back of throat and black lines. I am not sure if they were stitches but this black stringy thing came out of my mouth as I was drinking. I also have a lot of mucus in my nose which I am dying to spit out but so as not to strain my throat I am just swallowing. Today I can also feel stiches or something scratchy every time I swallow. Day six and seven, today and yesterday have been my worst days so far. I have started taking Nurofen too as well as Panadol. So every two hours I take some sort of pain medicine as it got really bad. Today day seven I am feeling a bit better, kind of like day four. I hope this means I am on the road to recovery. I am really tired of being at home in pajamas. I could speak from the first day but have been resting my voice so as not to strain the area. I am also not allowed to lift things. I had read a lot of forums before having this tonsillectomy. They all seem pretty right. You feel bad, then better, then really, really bad. Then hopefully it is over. I have two weeks off work so hopefully will be ok by then. On the upside I have lost weight; just in time to eat all I want for Christmas! My tummy is constantly rumbling but I am not really in a mood to eat. If like me you had stinky tonsil stones, I think it is worth a few days or even weeks of pain to get rid of them. I am happy I did it despite all the pain yesterday. Good luck to all.

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Comment from: S2s45, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 12

Here is my update. I am on day 9 after tonsillectomy surgery. Part of my scab came off after coughing too much and I went to the emergency room. I am lucky it doesnt have to be re-cauterized. The pain is still in the jaw and ear but not also the top of my mouth. I still have swelling primarily next to my tongue which makes eating difficult. I barely eat at all. Normally it is a few bites of something and I am done. My diet of water and Gatorade works for me. I finally follow up with my ENT tomorrow. I am ready for this to be over. I have had chunky ice cream, sushi, and meatloaf cravings for a long time. I am hoping to eat food tonight. I just hope I am done hurting.

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Comment from: S2s45, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 11

Update on my tonsillectomy; yesterday was the worst day so far. The ear pain started and I am dependent on my medications, especially now at 4 am. Problem is, liquid Norco burns. It is worth it though. I have used the ice packs around my neck much better. I am still talking, my family is too impatient to let me write anything. I am also very hungry. I know the pain will only get worse. I don't know if I am even healing properly. Thank goodness I have two weeks off. I will keep posting as days go on.

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Comment from: S2s45, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 06

I am 25, almost 26 in less than a month. After many years with gigantic tonsils and this past year being rather difficult and cutting off my air supply, I had my tonsils removed on 11.3.15. Day one was a late surgery, minimal pain and I had to stay overnight due to possible sleep apnea. I have been taking my liquid Norco which burns and my antibiotics. Day two was also easy but long. I was very tired the whole day and coughed up some blood clots but I was able to talk still since day 1. Day three is today. A little harder to talk. I can feel the scabs starting. I made the mistake of looking at my throat. I don't have a weak stomach but goodness, it looked nasty. I am taking it easy. I am on all liquids. I am not looking forward to major scab days.

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