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Comment from: LISA, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 21

I had my tonsils and adenoids out on Thursday, 4/3. Today is 2 weeks. I went back to work on 4/15. I read a lot of information here a couple of months ago and got great tips and read a lot of horror stories too. I want to write about my experience. I am almost 46 in a few weeks. I wasn"t in excruciating pain but it did hurt the first few days. I took pain medication for 3 days and the pain level was 3 with the medications. On Monday, day 4 I just took Tylenol 500mg 3 times a day and pain level was still level 3. It was bearable. The pain medicines made me too constipated and I had to stop taking them. The day I came home from surgery I drank ice cold water every 30 minutes, big gulps. I even set my phone alarm in the middle of the night to wake up and take a few big gulps every 30 minutes. On day 2 to day 8, I drank big gulps every hour and still used my phone alarm to wake me up every hour to drink. I didn"t want my throat dry. I drank ice water and coconut water constantly. I really believe the constant drinking helped with pain and fast healing. I used an ice pack on my neck the first 2 days. On day 4 to day 8, I also started drinking carrot juice to help heal faster. I slept up for 8 days in my chair. I didn"t want any pressure on my neck. I had no ear pain. I had no bleeding. I felt my recovery went very well. I am glad my tonsils are gone. I had tonsil stones constantly. It was so worth it to me to have it done and at my age. Stay positive, drink lots of water even though it hurts and every day it gets better.

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Comment from: TD, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: April 17

I am 24 year old. Today marks one week after tonsils were removed. Remember, it"s so true that everyone handles this process differently. Personally, day 1 was the best for me because the medicines from the surgery center lasted a good while. Today, day 7, has been terrible. I"m having an awful recovery, mostly because my body doesn"t really react to pain medications. My ear pain is actually almost worse than the throat pain, dang, that hurts. I went back to the doctor today because I"m having such a bad time. He prescribed me stronger medicines, but said don"t expect much because days 5 to 8 are the worst and he calls them the "peak of pain". He says by day 10 to 11, most patients finally can tell an improvement. Power to those who make it sound like this process is a piece of cake, I"m way jealous, but I think it"s better to set expectations that you really will feel blah for 10 days. Good luck!

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Comment from: Keke, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: April 14

Today marks day 2 since my surgery. I must say that it isn"t as bad as I thought. Yesterday after leaving the hospital I was in a lot of pain and just wanted to sleep. After I picked up my medication I quickly went home and fell asleep. When I got up this morning I felt pretty great. The trick to that was setting my alarm for every three hours to get up and drink water. By the morning I felt fine. I was a little sore in my jaw but it just felt like muscle pain rather than sharp pains. I felt good enough to go take a walk in Target with my mom and go grocery shopping; getting outside really helps because of the fresh air. On our way I stopped at Starbucks and got an iced drink and used a spoon to get it down my throat. I was prescribed morphine, which is an amazing help with the pain. I have not thrown up or had any bleeding yet but I will keep you updated!

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Comment from: dardog, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: April 11

This is the first time that I've ever posted anything online. I wanted to post after having my tonsils removed this past Friday, it is now the following Thursday. I read as much as possible prior to having them removed and was horrified at what I was reading. Almost everything was a horror story! By the day of my surgery I was worried that it was going to be worse than I had expected. So here is my experience: Day of the surgery, I woke up with my throat sore, it hurt but not unbearable. I ate a Popsicle immediately, took some Lortab and went home. Upon arriving home I ate Jell-O, baby food, mashed potatoes and drank Powerade. I slept fine that night and woke the next morning to a sore throat, but not overwhelming. To make a long story short I have progressed every day. I'm still sore but it has never been close to overwhelming pain. As I read in another post I also suffered from tonsil stones. They are disgusting and stink! I can now smell pleasant things again without that horrible smell that was always in my nose. I was also paranoid about having stinking breath - the worst! Even though I can taste and smell that scab that is still there, it is a joy to finally have those stinking tonsils removed! If you are worried about having your tonsils removed, especially after reading so many negative experiences online, please don't worry my friend, it's not that bad and it is already totally worth it to me. I just wanted to post something positive for someone that is going to have theirs removed soon. Good luck!

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Comment from: Aboy, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: April 11

I'm using a scale from 0 to 10 where 1 is slightly annoying and 10 unbearable (after hitting your toe very hard). Day 1 Monday, Surgery was at 15.00. I felt great, even happy. I was ready for the pain but there was almost none, 1/10. Day 2 Tuesday, still feeling pretty okay, 1/10. Day 3 Wednesday, slightly more annoying but still nothing too much. I am able to go without painkiller for 6 hours, 2/10. Day 4 Thursday, when I don't take medicines for 4 hours, the pain starts to get 4-5/10. I stick to taking them as written and the pain is 2-3/10. Day 5 Friday, nothing special but I took one extra painkiller, 3/10. I thought that I was pretty okay and didn't take any medicines before bed because I had an upset stomach yesterday morning, I thought that it was from excessive pain medicine; mistake! Day 6 Saturday morning, I woke up with the worst pain yet, 7-8/10! I felt a lot of pressure on my throat as if someone was holding fingers on my wounds. Didn't talk much, didn't eat much either. That day I took 6-7 painkillers and the pain was constantly 4-6/10. Day 7 Sunday, I woke up at night and had pain of 6/10, took medication. I woke up in the morning and had that same pain, took medication and it dropped to 4/10. After a while it got better. That much better that I decided to eat pizza. I ate 2 slices and then stopped because didn't want to harm myself accidentally. I looked at my throat in the mirror and scabs on one side were almost gone. There was one small abrasion so I decided to drink cold water and eat pops the rest of the day. Pain was 1-2/10. Day 8 Monday, I had sharp pain in the morning 6/10, but from now on it is different. It feels like a sore throat rather than pressure on wounds. Scabs have mostly fallen off from one side already. After painkillers pain was 2/10. Day 9 Tuesday, I had sharp morning pain again but only after I had swallowed water. I think the reason behind it was the morning bacteria which went on the wounds with swallowing. After that the rest of the day was 1-2/10. Day 10 Wednesday, I changed tactics and sucked one Trachitol (anti-bacteria) tablet before drinking water and victory! No more than 3/10 pain after it. Rest of the day was 0-1/10. No bloody spots on my throat either! Day 11 and 12, morning pain was 1-2/10. I ate my first real meal! It took longer than usual but didn't hurt much; feels like full recovery! All of these pain spikes 5-8/10 were for only 10-20 minutes. So overall, not that bad! Feeling great now (day 15).

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