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Please describe your experience with tonsillectomy.

Comment from: Sarah8494, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 22

I am 19 and I had my tonsils out three days back. I woke up feeling nausea which subsided after a couple of hours. The first night was fine because they put a numbing needle in my throat during surgery to ease the pain after. The worst day was the second; I had the worst sleep of my life, woke up with blood in my nose, didn't want to eat, managed to eat a little bit of jelly and vitamin water. That night I tried taking liquid pain stop (as the hospital had prescribed Panadeine tablets) and threw up straight after. Now I'm on day three feeling a bit better, managed to eat some boiled eggs but feeling a bit sick now after forcing down my tablets. Here's to a fast recovery.

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Comment from: Gmw427, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 18

I am on Day 9 of recovering from a tonsillectomy. I am a 26 year old female. My doctor told me that the surgery was going to be rough and I was mentally prepared for lots of pain. In reality the pain was/is WORSE than I ever imagined. The first 4 days were the worst and I am progressing each day! I now feel like a have a real bad sore throat and it's manageable. In the beginning it felt like I was trying to swallow broken glass! The key to relief is drink lots of fluid and stay on top of taking your medications! Drinking is horrible but you have to do it or it will be worse. I felt that the meds did not help well but I wasn't risking knowing what it felt like if I didn't take them. I set my alarm for every 4 hours! In 9 days I lost 10 pounds. I still do not get hungry but every day I try to eat something to hopefully heal better. I didn't eat for the first 2 days and only had broth (fluid) and vanilla pudding day 3. Two things I really didn't think about a lot about before the surgery: ear pain and lack of sleep! I've had many ear infections but this is like nothing I've ever felt in my life. My tongue, jaws, teeth, and neck all hurt! The ear pain radiates from your throat and neck. For a few days my ears would pop every time my jaw/mouth opened. I have not slept more than 30-60 minutes at a time in 9 days except one night I slept for about 3 hours and my mouth and throat were so dry and hurt so bad I was scared to sleep for long after that. I drink at least 1/2 glass every hour or hour and a half at night. I stopped setting my alarm to wake up and drink but my body wakes up at least every hour and requests I drink. Mornings are the worst. Another thing is talking! I did well the first day but it's been a battle ever since. I do talk funny but it's getting better every day! I've been told the future is a lot better and hopefully I will not have tonsillitis or illnesses in the future, or at least they will be few and far between. I am optimistic and now know that nothing can be as bad as this has been so the worst is behind me!

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Comment from: Taylor, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 18

It's day 2 following my tonsillectomy. On a scale of 1-10 my pain has been a 3 most times. Instead of waking up in the middle of the night to take my medicine I stayed asleep so when I woke up my pain was at a 5. It soon went back down after I took my medications. I really built it up in my head before the surgery and it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I'm not trying to sugar coat it, maybe my experience is just a lucky one. It is only day 2 though, I heard it gets worse day 7 because that's when the scab starts falling off... we shall see. Yesterday my pain medicine made me vomit because I only had 2 cups of Jello with it. You HAVE to eat! And drink lots of fluids. I find that cold stuff on my throat feels better than hot. So far I can eat Jello, ice, ice cream, push pops, scrambled eggs, and tomato soup. I drink lots of ice water and ice with Gatorade. I'm going to try egg drop soup today, and I ate a little bread with my tomato soup. Also I've been sleeping a lot but I make sure I take my medications every 4-6 hours! Again don't take your meds on an empty stomach. So far so good!

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Comment from: Natalie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I am a 57 year old female who had a tonsillectomy 11 days ago. I am writing this because the reports I had read had me really scared - so much so that my blood pressure nearly prevented the operation happening - so I wanted to reassure that the horror stories do not necessarily happen to everyone. My operation went fine. I was eating mashed potato the same night. I kept a water bottle beside me and constantly sipped at it. Cold flavored milk was also a favorite. Days 5 to 7 were the worst for me. I woke up with a throat so swollen I could hardly breathe; but chewing on a Popsicle and swallowing the crushed ice helped the pain and the swelling. Three days of bad pain in throat and ears were manageable with pain medications. I had only one melt down when the pain had me feeling very weak and sorry for myself. Chewing gum is very helpful, plus it creates saliva and helps to hydrate your throat. Mac and cheese did not work for me, but pot noodles, poached eggs and mashed vegetables with gravy were fine. For me fruit jubes were a treat - sugar for energy, chewy to help the sore jaw and slipped down easily once chewed up. In my case the pain was bad for three days only and the mediciness coped with that. At day 11 I am off all medications, starting to feel energized again and looking at returning to work in 3 days.

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Comment from: Melanie R, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 08

I got my tonsils removed on June 24, 2013. This was by far the most painful thing I have ever experienced. You will feel like the back of your throat has been skinned and left open to dry. The throbbing from the pain is the worst part. I had suffered from chronic strep throat and tonsil stones and decided to take them out. After the surgery I couldn't eat, I couldn't talk, I was throwing up every night from the medications on an empty stomach and eventually had to be readmitted into the hospital on the fourth day. The doctor gave me liquid codeine which was easier on my stomach, however, the pain relief was not as good so I started taking regular extra strength Tylenol. I never had "scabbing" or bleeding which I am thankful for, but it was a very depressing and agonizing time in my life. All I can say is DRINK WATER! Even if you can't eat much, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK because that's the only reason I never had bad scabbing or bleeding. After I was readmitted into the hospital things slowly started to get better. My best advice is keep yourself hydrated and know the pain will get better after the fourth-sixth days.

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