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Comment from: TonsillessGenessa, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: August 01

I am a 24 year old female who just underwent a tonsillectomy on Friday evening last week (today is Wednesday so I'm in day 5). Surgery was ok. Between the anesthesia and calming medication it was over fast- surgeon said it took him 5 minutes. I had them cauterized out, so there was no bleeding at all. I drank a Gatorade and had an Otter Pop after surgery, and got a pudding down later that evening. I wasn't feeling sick until after the pudding when I projectile vomited red Gatorade onto my mom's carpet (not my proudest moment). I even had the anesthesiologist put anti-nausea medication in my IV, but I guess it didn't take as well. I slept with head elevated and frozen peas on my neck. I woke up still feeling ok; sore and feels like you have something stuck in your throat but it's all fine because you're on the medicines. I was able to eat apple sauce and 1/2 cup cold macaroni and cheese. I drank tons of fluids. The 2nd day I took a shower (bad idea as it literally drained me of all my energy). I had more macaroni and cheese and cold mashed potatoes, but the pain was starting to set in pretty bad. I was till waking up every 4 hours to take medicines and drink water. Third day wasn't too bad yet either. Maybe it was just the pain medications, but I had some macaroni and cheese and chocolate ice cream, played monopoly, napped a bunch. Around 5 pm that night I started to get really feverish. My ears hurt a lot. I couldn't move, couldn't even swallow my own spit. I slept with ice and head elevated. Fourth day I woke up still out of it. Very dizzy, I kept drinking Gatorade with ice and water. Ice cream and an ice pop were my meal of choice as I could barely move. I couldn't watch TV because my ears were so sensitive. Earache is bad, people, almost worse than the throat. Then you swallow and you're like nope, throat still pretty bad. I switched to children's liquid ibuprofen and I woke up today (Day 5) feeling much better. I actually had a decent sleep too. Mashed potatoes (cold) and ice cream for lunch, just had chopped up noodles with olive oil for dinner. My throat feels chunky and tastes bad, and my ears hurt, but it's tolerable. Actually when I swallow, my tongue and jaw hurt worse than my actual throat (although I have TMJ). I'm still sore but I hear it's good from here on out (until the scabs fall of in 2 days). I still can't talk. This surgery is brutal, but only for about a week. I'm telling you I'm doing ok, so anyone looking to do it: you will too.

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Comment from: Cassie, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 31

I was expecting this recovery to be absolutely miserable but it's been okay. I had my tonsillectomy on Friday and it's now Tuesday. Apart from having a sore throat, being tired and having tired muscles, I'm not really having any other problems. I was nauseous on Saturday and Sunday and did vomit a couple of times but I've put that down to the pain medications and have stopped taking them for the past two days. I feel much better without the pain medication really. This tonsillectomy recovery is nowhere near as bad as the pain and illness I used to get from having tonsillitis all the time, so far I'm really glad I got them out. I'll write another post up if anything changes but so far this recovery has been fine.

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Comment from: NonS, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 31

I am a 19 year old female and I am on day 5 of my recovery from tonsillectomy. It has not been easy, worse than expected. When I came round from the surgery I was actually fine, a sore throat but nothing major, I had been given morphine pain killers and sickness injections so I felt fine that day, minimal pain and sickness and actually managed to eat and drink a little. The nurses kept me dosed up with tramadol and I slept through the night fine. So don't be afraid of the actual surgery or the hospital stay; that was the easy bit. The trouble started when I went home the next day and the anesthetic and strong pain killers wore off and left my body. Days 2 to 4 were the worst and I actually fainted from the pain on day 3. One thing you must do is chart your medication, write down what time and what type of painkiller you take and then take them regularly, don't let the pain break through because it is then, as a result, harder to drink and swallow the next lot. Also make sure there is someone there to help you for the first week, luckily I have my mum who was a big help, from waking me up to take medication, charting everything to fetching me ice cold water. Having a hand with little things like that made a big difference. Sleep is also an issue, I could not sleep for longer than 2 hours during the first 5 days due to my throat drying up. So as a result, I slept frequently in the day time, which is fine. Get sleep in whenever you can, regardless of the time of day, it has really helped me. Also there is the obvious water which you need to be drinking constantly to help your throat stay moist and heal. I made the mistake of taking my strong pain killers without eating anything and then spent the morning vomiting, always try and eat, a little bit of toast or soggy cereal I found was okay. I also drank a lot of milk when I couldn't eat because it helped line the stomach for the pain medication. You're going to feel very rough for at least a week, but it will pass, on day 5 I feel that the worst has passed already! Best of luck to everyone.

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Comment from: Sydney Tonsils, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: July 30

I am on day 3 post tonsillectomy. Today has been a step in the right direction with respect to eating. I've eaten an entire bowl of jelly for breakfast and a plate of cold scrambled eggs for dinner. I made sure that I ate these meals after my pain killers had kicked in. I've been attempting to keep my fluids up as best as possible but swallowing can be a pain in the neck at times (excuse the pun). Most other people's blogs on this website state that the worst days for pain start around day three. If anything it's only been getting better for me but I wonder if that is going to change. The only time feel pain setting on is when the pain killers are wearing off and I have to wait till it is time to take my next tablets. Besides that I'm not experiencing any real pain except for when I swallow. I slept on and off for most of the day sitting up in bed with my travel pillow around my neck. I'm quite tired this evening but my body is naturally going through some massive recovery. My wife cooked an amazing dinner for herself tonight and the smells played with my stomach but I think back to my scramble eggs I had for dinner and I felt content. Not much to report today as it's all going really well, no doubt due to the amazing pain killers. So far the trick is to keep on top of the pain killers by setting your alarms to remind you, even if you don't feel the need at that point in time, I suggest you take it. Stay Strong!

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