Thyroid Symptoms and Solutions

Woman with thyroid problems holding her neck.
What Is the Thyroid Gland?
A woman having difficulty buttoning her pants.
A woman’s profile showing a swollen thyroid.
A nurse checking a patient’s pulse.
A woman yawns while sitting at home.
Strands of hair on a hairbrush due to thyroid hair loss.
A woman changes the temperature on the thermostat.
Woman touching thyroid.
A woman trying on glasses at the optometrist.
Middle aged woman using an electric fan to cool down.
A doctor checks a woman’s thyroid for swelling and discomfort.
A woman does a thyroid neck check in the mirror.
A collection of blood test tubes.
Illustration of Hashimoto's disease shows white blood cells attacking the thyroid gland.
Illustration of the pituitary gland highlighted in a human brain.
An example of bulging eyes due to Graves' disease.
A scan shows a nodule in the thyroid gland.
Doctor discusses thyroid issues with a patient.
A woman takes pills from medication bottle.
A person holding a radioactive iodine container for hyperthyroid treatment.
Surgeons in an operating room.
Scintigram showing thyroid cancer.

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Thyroid Pictures Slideshow: Thyroid Symptoms and Solutions

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