thiabendazole-oral, Mintezol


BRAND NAME(S): Mintezol

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USES: This medication is used to treat roundworm infections such as threadworm, hookworm/creeping eruption (cutaneous larva migrans), and visceral larva migrans (toxocariasis). This medication is also used for other types of roundworm infections such as pinworm, whipworm, large roundworm (ascariasis), and trichinosis when other therapies have failed or are unavailable.

HOW TO USE: This medication is generally taken by mouth, twice daily after meals, or as directed by your doctor. The tablet formulation must be chewed before swallowing. If taking the oral liquid, shake well before each dose. Your dosage is dependent upon your weight. Cutaneous larva migrans may also be treated topically. Your pharmacist will prepare a lotion or ointment for you if so prescribed. It is important that you take this medication for the prescribed duration. The duration of your therapy will depend on the type of infection and your response to treatment.

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