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What treatment has been effective for your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder?

Comment from: SoreJaw, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 28

I have been clenching my teeth for years and began grinding them as soon as I got my braces off (3 years ago). I wear a bite plain which protects my teeth from being damaged, but doesn't stop me from clenching or grinding. I still wake up throughout the night and in the morning with an extremely sore jaw and can tell that I was grinding all night. 5 months ago, I got lock jaw for the first time. It was SO painful. I went to the doctor right away and she gave me muscle relaxants. I took 2 of them, fell asleep, and when I woke up, I yawned and my jaw unlocked! ALTHOUGH, my jaw (and I) have not been the same since. My jaw never went back to how it was before lock jaw. It has never opened as wide, and has never opened without pain. I have muscle spasms, a pinched nerve in my neck, and ear and head aches. Turns out I have a slipped disc and scar tissue build-up in my left jaw joint and I am going for my scope surgery consultation tomorrow. If this surgery doesn't fix my problem, I don't know what I'll do! I can't imagine living the rest of my life with these jaw issues and I would not wish this on anyone! The only advice I can give for temporary relief is extra strength Robaxacet. It works wonders when I'm in severe pain, although, I don't want to rely on pills forever.

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Comment from: agent777, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: May 09

When I was 19 I had two wisdom teeth removed, and during the operation I suddenly felt a tremendous pain in my jaw, so severe the dentist had to stop immediately. I was afterword's informed by a dental surgeon that I was suffering from TMJ. I am now 35, and the only thing that has helped has been a low dose of diazepam before bed. This has been working for me for about 12 years. Hope this was helpful.

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Comment from: BB, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 10

If you drink coffee or have caffeine, this will makes things worse, because you will clench your teeth from having "too much energy or anxiety." Stop the caffeine and see if this helps along with ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory. Make sure you are taking a multivitamin to make sure you're not deficient in any one nutrient. Try a whole body relaxation and massage approach. I find that I am holding pain in my body from working hard (sore muscles), and I believe I may be clenching my jaws because of it. Hot baths with Epsom salts has magnesium in it, chamomile tea in the evening. To sooth and relax your jaw muscles, try warming massage rocks and hold one on your jaw, then massage. Magnesium and calcium are good for helping muscles relax along with plenty of water, hope this helps you.

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Comment from: jar82793, 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: January 20

I was just diagnosed with tmj today I am only 18 years old but I was in the car with my mom and I went to talk to her and my whole jaw locked up on me it freaking scared me to death that I couldn't move it. Now I was just given inflammation medicine for it. I hope it doesn't get too bad because I don't want to have to have surgery or anything I'm taking all the precautions I can if anyone can tell me a treatment for it so I can make sure it doesn't get too bad I don't want to lose my mouth muscles because of the hereditary condition that I got from my mother. I'm kind of scared .

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Comment from: spoonlisa, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 18

I have had TMJ for 23 years and dozens of doctors and so on. I can only open my mouth a half an inch since my two surgeries. I get angry that I can't eat. I suck through a straw. I had an accident in my car and because I can't do the sobriety tests, they arrested me. I have dizziness and bad balance. No one understands the pain all the time. The doctors said they messed up, but there is no solution. I have to live with this forever. If you are not bleeding or having a heart attack, they don't believe you. I feel for all TMJ sufferers.

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Comment from: Jess, Published: February 01

I am 17 and I must have developed TMJ sometime after I got my wisdom teeth out 7 months ago. I have never clenched in my life that I know of and I can't possibly be clenching now because it hurts too much. I have been playing saxophone for eight years, specifically tenor, and I was going to get a degree in music performance but if things don't change I won't be able to practice enough. I also started playing trumpet a year before I got my wisdom teeth out. I was getting good but now I can barely play at all. I have a mouth guard that I hope works. I have had it for two weeks but if anything my jaw has only gotten worse. I hope things will turn around because I cannot and will not live with this for the rest of my life, but I feel hopeless. But, in any case, I found that Tiger Balm works well. I take Aleve and Advil every day, and they used to help, but they have lost their effect. Ice and heat help for a little temporary relief.

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