Teen Girls: Mean Girls, Cyberbullying and More

Teenage girls apply makeup and lipstick.
Teen girls in green tank tops.
Surprised teen boys look at a computer screen.
A teen girl raises her hand in class.
A teen girl looks in the mirror.
A girl with her hands in her pockets.
A teen girl's hand on a computer.
A teenage couple holds hands in class.
A cheerleader in a locker room.
A girl with bad breath.
A mother talks to her daughter.
A depressed teenage girl.
An empty box of chocolates.
A girl pinches her waist.
A teen drinks beer.
A girl caught in trouble by the school principal.
A teen girl at prom.
Two cool teenagers wearing stylish clothes.
Teen boys share text messages from a cell phone.
Trophies on a shelf.
Two competing sisters.
A girl tries on sunglasses.
A girl drivesing in a car with her mother.

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Teen Girls Pictures Slideshow: Mean Girls, Cyberbullying, Dating, Periods & More

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