Teen Girls Pictures Slideshow: Mean Girls, Cyberbullying, Dating, Periods & More

Reviewed by Kathy Empen, MD on Monday, November 21, 2011

Photo of teenage girls applying makeup and lipstick.

Photo of teen girls.

Photo of teen boys laughing and embarassed.

Photo of teen girl raising hand in class.

Photo of teen girl looking in the mirror.

Photo of girl feeling left out.

Photo of girl on computer.

Photo of teens holding hands in class.

Photo of cheerleader in locker room.

Photo of girl with bad breath.

Photo of mother talking to daughter.

Photo of depressed teenage girl.

Photo of empty candy wrappers.

Photo of girl pinching waist.

Photo of teen drinking beer.

Photo of girl getting yelled at.

Photo of girl at prom.

Photo of cool kids.

Photo of teenagers about to kiss in the library.

Photo of teenagers sexting messages.

Photo of trophies on shelf.

Photo of competing sisters.

Photo of girl trying on sunglasses.

Photo of young girl.

Photo of girl driving with mom.

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