Teen Drug Abuse Statistics, Facts, and Symptoms

Teenagers drink and smoke at a party.
2013 statistics graph chart shows use of various drugs by 12th graders (percent).
Conceptual image of the head showing brain and depicting addiction activity.
Three teenage girls drink alcohol at the park.
A high school student gives a marijuana joint to another student.
A mother confronts her teenage daughter over cigarettes she found.
A teenage boy with spilled prescription medication on his bed.
A teenage girl pours OTC cough syrup into a spoon.
Two teenage boys with drugs sit on the sidewalk.
A teenage boy inhales drugs.
A teenage daughter looks at her phone and ignores what her mom is saying.
A counselor discusses drug addiction with a teenage girl.
A nurse on the phone takes notes.
Parents speak to their teenage son about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

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Teen Drug Abuse Pictures Slideshow: Statistics, Facts and Symptoms

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