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Question:Please describe your experience with taste disorders.

Comment from: zgpolter, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 19

I had extreme dry mouth as a side effect from my blood pressure medication. I have been using products designed for dry mouth, and for a few weeks I stopped taking my medication. My doctor recently put me on a new medication but the dry mouth persists, though not so extreme. During this time (about 4 months now) I found that eating is no longer the pleasurable experience I have always enjoyed, since nothing tastes good. However, I keep eating more than normal hoping that something will finally taste right. I've tried spicy, bitter, hot, cold, and everything is tasteless. Hopefully, this will resolve itself but I am finding this very depressing.

Comment from: Diana, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 04

I am 32 years old. About 3 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with strep so they gave me antibiotics. Two weeks have passed and all of a sudden the food that I loved just tastes horrible; Coke, ice cream, and condensed milk! I would say that it happens with the sweets. Now everything just tastes bad. I can't really describe the taste it is between iron and acid. As a result of this apparently I have been losing weight but I am concerned now, not typical at all.

Comment from: Debbie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 17

I used to be addicted to diet coke. After my triple vessel bypass the taste of beverages of any kind is unpleasant altogether. I have not been able to resolve the problem. I have been told that the problem is really in the nose and I should try an antihistamine but so for it is not working. The operation was 6 months ago. I would really like some help with this problem.

Comment from: lino, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 29

I'm 28 and I am currently suffering with zero taste on the majority of my tongue. I can tell if something is hot/cold/spicy but other than that I can't tell the difference between any foods. I can still smell though, which is puzzling my doctor a little. I've been given Nystan for now to see if that helps but nothing has helped so far. I've had no trauma, but my tongue does feel sore/irritated. I'm really hoping this isn't permanent as I really enjoyed flavors of food before but now I just don't see the point in going out for meals or spending to make a nice dinner. Toast for me now.

Comment from: Donnaj, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: August 17

I used an antibiotic and prednisone and got oral thrush. I used a lozenge but the sour taste in my mouth is still there. My doctor blew me off saying thrush was gone and there was nothing he could do for sour taste. I would rather suffer through asthma and infection than take medicines again. Here I am, no taste but sour and I guess I live with it.

Comment from: Jill, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: January 15

When I eat sugar, whether it is natural or chemical, it is very bitter, sour, and burning sensation happens, first on my tongue and then my throat. I always seem to have a salty taste in my mouth.

Comment from: TheCOOK, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 09

I have always had a heightened sense of smell/taste but off and on randomly for no apparent reason I suddenly lose the ability to be able to taste salt in any amount. Makes my food taste so bland. This is not only important due to the medical issues it could be but also because I have a food page and my taste is of the utmost importance for recipe making.

Comment from: ribet, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 01

For 6 months I have had an altered taste. My sense of smell is still very good. Anything containing sugar, natural or artificial, brings a horrid taste in my mouth. Those foods can be a vegetable such as peas, onions and corn, fruits and meats. I try to screen anything I buy reading the label and avoiding anything with dextrose, corn syrup, including high fructose corn syrup, fructose, and sugars. But even then I am surprised at times by some foods that have some form of sweetness to them, as soon as any of these foods are in my mouth, I instantly know it has some form of sweetness in it and that ends any eating. I've lost 30 pounds since this has happened. Salads with my own homemade dressing is my main stay with chicken that I have cooked. My doctor and dentist have nothing to offer. I did have a brain scan, all was normal.

Comment from: smine, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

I suffered a severe oral event 4 months ago. Gums turned brownish then white. There were multiple lesions on gums, tongue, throat and palate. I nearly couldn"t eat. I became dehydrated with sodium dropping to 127. I was treated initially with Nystatin, viscous lidocaine and amoxicillin. Two days later I started Flagyl and Famvir. Gums and mouth were extremely sore and bloody with inability to brush teeth. Four months later food tastes flavorless. Sweet isn"t really sweet. Now I eat Jell-O and peanut brittle. Food holds no pleasure. Still there are places on tongue that have a raised feeling. Two dental checkups and cleanings indicate gums are much improved in color and appearance but still I must use caution when flossing. I was treated with steroid dose pack two months ago but nothing changed. My mouth 4 months ago looked like someone"s with stomatitis following chemotherapy. My continued diminished taste sounds like a post chemotherapy or radiation patient but none of these contributing factors is true for me. I hate eating since it holds no joy for me any longer. I lost about 15 pounds. Tart lemonade tastes pretty good but not much else. I miss my old life with steaks on the grill, a nice red wine or a sweet piece of cake. Most things taste salty, even coffee and milk. Bread is disgusting and gummy. Pork, chicken and beef are all mushy meat. Sweet things don"t taste sweet. My mouth has a sour/bitter taste so now I chew gum to get rid of the taste. My mouth swab 4 months ago indicated a positive herpes simplex, something I never had before.

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