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Get FREE Health And Medical Content For Your Website
With MedicineNet's Automatic Content Syndicator Tool

As you know, on the Internet "content is king" for keeping your visitors interested in your website and attracting repeat viewers. But it can be hard to find or produce quality health and medical content for your website. How do you serve quality content from a trusted source?

With MedicineNet's Content Syndicator Tool you now have a new ally in the never-ending battle to serve and maintain quality content at your website. By automatically serving up free quality health and medical article headlines, this tool helps cure one of your biggest headaches - "How can I serve great content to my visitors with a simple click of a button?"

The Content Syndicator Tool Provides You With Access To Reliable Doctor-Produced Health And Medical News, Articles, and Conditions

  • Quality Medical Content:
    This medical content and headline syndicator offers webmasters access to reliable doctor-produced health and medical information so your visitors can stay informed on all aspects of health and medicine. Now you can tap into and use up-to-date medical news, articles, and conditions from A to Z written by our team of 70 board-certified medical doctors.
  • Easy To Use Control Panel:
    Similar to a "control panel", the syndicator is free, easy to set up and use, and automatically builds the needed HTML code that you can insert into your web pages. You can pick specific health and medical topics from Arthritis to Women's Health, and even tailor it to your needs by controlling parameters such as number of headlines, height, width, and more. After your code is inserted, MedicineNet's Syndicator will automatically update the headlines as the latest news and articles are produced or updated.
  • Fast Implementation:
    Integrate reliable award-winning health and medical content into your website in as little as 5 minutes.
  • It's Free!

MedicineNet also offers free health and medical content through its free RSS Feeds.

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