A Picture Guide to Understanding Stroke

Illustration of stroke causes.
Illustration of stroke and brain.
A man taking the F.A.S.T. stroke test.
Illustration showing brain damage from stroke.
A doctor examining an MRI for stroke damage.
CT scan showing ischemic stroke.
MRA of hemorrhagic stroke.
An ultrasound showing mini-stroke (TIA).
Illustration of a blocked cartoid artery.
Photo of a blood pressure monitor.
An older woman smoking.
A man salting fish and chips.
A person with high stroke risk.
Angiogram of a stroke patient treated with t-PA.
A stroke patient using a walker for rehab.
A stroke patient being helped by a speech therapist for rehab.
A stroke victim doing physical therapy.
A man discusses his stroke experience in therapy.
A good diet for stroke prevention includes veggies, fish and whole grains.
Aspirin to help lower risk of stroke.
Carotid endarterectomy surgery to prevent stroke.
Photo of angioplasty balloon and stent for stroke prevention.
A rehabilitated stroke victim cooking at home.

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Understanding Stroke Symptoms, Signs, Treatment

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