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What are risk factors for stretch marks?

Excessive rapid weight gain and pregnancy are the two most common risk factors. Other risk factors include the conditions described above that predispose the skin to developing stretch marks.

What are symptoms and signs of stretch marks?

Striae are rarely painful or itchy. They do not produce troublesome symptoms. They begin as linear red streaks and eventually mature into linear white lines.

How are stretch marks diagnosed?

Since stretch marks are quite common, most people are familiar with their appearance. They are identifiable on visual inspection by patients and doctors.

What is the treatment for stretch marks?

There are a wide variety of treatments, but none of them seem to be particularly valuable in preventing or treating this condition. It is generally agreed that there is no good medical evidence that any creams or ointments will produce any sustained improvement in the appearance of stretch marks. The use of physical modalities such as lasers and ultrasound holds some promise, but time will tell if these treatments are effective.

Are there any home remedies for stretch marks?

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No, there is no evidence that any home remedies can improve the appearance of stretch marks.

What is the prognosis of stretch marks?

As the striae mature, they become less apparent but they rarely disappear. They do not cause any health problems.

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