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Question:Did you experience any symptoms with your skin tags?

Comment from: Robitaille, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: May 25

When I was born, I had skin tags on my ears and on my neck. The doctor said that it would result in kidney problems. So, he did a test and said my kidneys are perfectly fine. Then when I was about 4 or 5, I got them removed. The ones on my ears grew back because they did not cut them off correctly. But, now, I fear I have a kidney infection. I'm not sure if it is possible to get problems randomly like this even though my kidneys were already checked and fine.

Comment from: Bare Bob, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 30

As an underwear and swimwear model I began shaving off body hair, including in the bikini area. After tiring of this routine I looked into electrolysis, but no salons were willing to do the male bikini area, including scrotum, at the time (1990s). I resorted to waxing, which was very painful, sometimes pulling out chunks of skin, not much of a time-saver, nor was it cheap. After a year a skin tag appeared between my leg and scrotum. A year later there were four more in the same location. A dermatologist froze these off and a biopsy showed they were not warts. I discontinued waxing then (2008), and continue to shave, and haven't seen any more skin tags appear in that area or elsewhere. Beware: Waxing can cause skin tags.

Comment from: Tag teamed, 45-54 Female Published: August 08

When I got pregnant with my daughter, I noticed a small growth inside my thigh. A few weeks later I noticed another on the other thigh (inside also). Over the years, one has been growing while the other has stayed close to the skin. Now, after 15 years, one side has grown away from the thigh, but the connection to my skin is wide. I've thought about home remedies, but thought, hey I work hard and pay into health care, let the doctor do it. For now, since it's an irritant, (rubbing) I've decided to keep it down with Scotch tape, lol!!!

Comment from: Matt, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: June 06

I had several Skin tags that appear about 5-6 years ago. First were two small ones at the base of my neck and then several slightly larger ones in my armpits. I found out what they were and was content to leave them. Then a small one formed on my chest, just above my right arm pit. But after a year or two this one got quite large. Not quite as big as a grape, but definitely larger than a blueberry. That one was a bit embarassing when I went swimming etc, so I decided to do something. I bought one of those over the counter skin tag removal kits. I froze the ones on my neck, no problem, did a couple of the worst ones in my armpits. Then I tried for the big one. Despite trying two or three nights in a row, I was unsuccessful in removing it with the kit. I wish I'd heard the thread method, but instead I went to the doctor. They gave me a small shot to freeze the area and chopped it off, no problem. She actually asked me if I wanted to keep it! lol Since then I've seen no new tags and I'm getting the thread out to take care of the last of them!

Comment from: skintagsteve, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: February 07

I recently cut off 6 skin tags on my chest, shoulder area, and eyelid with Swiss Army scissors. It couldn't have been easier. I prepped the scissor and tag with alcohol. I kept the alcohol in a shot glass and dipped the scissors in after each cut. Then I applied an antibiotic and I was all set.

Comment from: prettymomma, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 08

I have inflamed, red, irritated skin under my breasts from skin tags that rip, tch, and hurt.

Comment from: Hybridnat, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 24

Since my early twenties I started having skin tags. They are growths that are black and stick out. All over my neck some on my face and some on my back and a big one on my breasts. They would get to a stage where they really hurt when exposed to the sun. I was self concious of them. I went to see my GP and he refered me to have the major ones surgically removed. The surgeon would use an anaesthetic cream and then would cut it out of the area and then cauterise it with heat. I had to have them removed over a period of three months and my surgery was every fortnight. It was painful and itchy but healed rather quickly. They collected the samples for the labs. I was happy when it was over, not much scarring. Eight months on some have returned and now I have one in the entrance to my right nostril.

Comment from: Don'tLikeTags, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 08

I get tiny skin tags near my armpits and all around my bra line, especially when I work out regularly. I have found Amlactin to be very effective in getting rid of most of them.

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