Sinus Infection Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

A sinus illustration overlay of a woman with sinus pain.
CT scan showing normal sinuses.
Cilia lining of the sinus cavity mucus membrane.
A close up of nostrils breathing in rhinovirus and pollen spores.
Woman with painful sinus pressure.
MRI of inflammation within the sinus cavity.
Anterior rhinoscopy showing nasal polyps.
Man using nasal decongestant spray for sinus relief.
Illustration of the human rhinovirus responsible for the common cold.
Woman using a sinus rinse system to help clear sinus symptoms.
Photo of a child with runny nose.
A doctor using an endoscope in the nasal cavity of patient.
An X-ray of a patient with acute sinusitis.
A man breathing through his nose.

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Sinusitis Pictures Slideshow: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

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