Shoulder Bursitis

What is the prognosis for shoulder bursitis?

The outlook for shoulder bursitis is generally excellent for a full recovery with shoulder bursitis. If the bursitis is accompanied by scarring around the shoulder joint (adhesive capsulitis or "frozen shoulder"), it can require long-term physical therapy.

Is it possible to prevent shoulder bursitis?

By avoiding overuse of the shoulder by excessive straining the shoulder and gradual exercise training, shoulder bursitis can be prevented.

What health-care specialties treat shoulder bursitis?

Specialists that treat shoulder bursitis include general medicine physicians, including general practitioners, family medicine doctors, and internists, as well as orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, and sports medicine specialists. Often physical therapists and rehabilitation physicians are involved in the care of shoulder bursitis. Continue Reading

Reviewed on 1/8/2016


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