Patient Comments: Shin Splints - Length Symptoms Lasted

How long did the symptoms of your shin splints last? Was there anything in particular that helped with pain/symptom relief?

Comment from: Brad, 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: November 10

I have been affected by shin splints for about five days now, and they started because of intense soccer practice. I had not run much before soccer season, so I was out of shape. In addition, I forced too much pressure on my legs. My athletic trainer at school suggested icing right before and after practice or working out. Surprisingly, during my practices, I do not feel much pain when I wear shin guards in comparison to when I don't. I believe wrapping or adding support to your shins will drastically make a difference.

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Comment from: Ms Vicky, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: August 14

I suffered shin splint inflammation in one leg, exacerbated by long walks on hard pavements wearing shoes with too much arch support so that my own high arches could not act as a spring softening my walk. Vitamin D 1000 mg/day, ibuprofen, and using the leg much less for an extended period of time helped, as well as stretching the front of the lower leg before walking by placing toes up against a step and leaning into foot. I am also NOT wearing the high support insteps and have had no more problems even after extended walks on hard pavements.

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Comment from: Joseph, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: March 04

I am a 59-year-old male and have been running off and on for many years. I joined a health club about six weeks ago and began to pursue running again in earnest. In the first two weeks, I did about 15 miles with no problem. In the second two weeks, I did about 20 miles with no problem. Then in these last two weeks, I developed severe shin splints. I tried to run through it, especially the first mile, and was somewhat successful. However, after mile three, the cramping developed, and I almost fell off the treadmill. I rested one full week and returned to running and had more severe pain than before. I tired ice and Aleve and generally feel OK before I start to run. This can be very frustrating. Guess I will try two weeks off and start slowly again ugh.

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Comment from: Patrick, 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: February 17

I am 15 and developed shin splints from soccer after running more than two miles per day without rest then having practice. I had shin splints for three weeks, and after the first week, I became dizzy and lightheaded from the pain. It got to a point that I had trouble concentrating because of intense pain. I fell a few times, and felt like I would pass out. Finally the school nurse made me take an ice bath before and after practice. He also taught me several exercises to help strengthen my shins. My mom bought me better running shoes. Since I started icing and exercising, the pain has turned to a work-out kind of burn feeling.

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Comment from: sandlwd, 35-44 Female Published: December 18

I can't win ... I started walking/jogging twice a day and after about a week, my left shin starting giving me problems again. I have not had them in years, and now to show up kills me. I suffered from extreme lower back pain for most of the year and that had finally eased up and I was back to working out. But now I have to ease up on that as well. I have heard of using an ACE bandage to help with the pain. I think I will try that.

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Comment from: hdsncnty, 25-34 Female Published: December 18

I recently started playing competitive basketball again after about 10 years. I knew I had them from the first two games, but then, I figured by the next week they'd be gone as long as I laid low. I was wrong. I had shin splints in full force after the next game. Just lying down, my puppy or my boyfriend rubbing against my shins was agony! The only thing that is helping is not playing at this point. It has been about a week and a half now since my last game, and my shins have finally stopped hurting to the touch.

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Comment from: Lisa J., 35-44 Female Published: November 24

I have shin splints really bad in the left leg and some in the right leg. I got them about four years ago, and I get a blue knot on the front of my leg. Simple walking hurts really bad. I just started exercising to fight being overweight, and now, about the third day of running, I can feel them acting up. Stretching hasn't done anything.

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Comment from: Ezie Breezie, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 20

I am experiencing shin splints for the very first time. I started working out with a personal trainer and pushing my body to the max. One day, after running laps (in the wrong shoes), my shins were swollen and hurting very badly. I took some Ibuprofen, and they felt better until I went back to the gym the next day and ran more laps. When I got into my car to go home, I was in the worst pain imaginable. I had no idea this could hurt so badly. I don't want to stop my training, but I may have no other choice. I can't drive or get up the stairs. Daily activities have me sweating bullets and shivering in pain. I really hope this doesn't last a whole week; I will have a mental break down!

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